Monday, March 2, 2009

Home School 6 month update

Well we are 6 months into our 12 month school year (we homeschool year round). This year is by far our most consistent year yet...but it's not what you think. Usually by December I have pretty much washed our homeschool books because we bore of them/I am lazy. But this year we love the homeschool books we have and I have forced my self to be a little less lazy. Both have paid off! So here is our updated schedule that seems to work pretty nice for us, it's an average schedule that we try to do Monday-Thursday...notice I said try, we probably only consistently do this schedule 3 times a week on average but I usually make up what school is missed on Friday and the Weekend:

3:20 I get up or see my husband off-This is usually when I blog
6:30 I get up if I don't stay up after husband goes to work-blog
8am get boys up
8-9:15am chores-has chore chart
  • start laundry
  • make bed
  • shower
  • clean room
  • eat
  • brush teeth
  • put laundry in dryer
  • start school
9:15-9:45am guitar lessons using book and CD (electric guitar primer)
9:45am-10am bible study and memorization (my oldest boy's choice to memorize)
10-10:15am snack
10:15-10:45 reading (Chronicles of Narnia)
10:45-11am spelling (spelling power)
12pm-1pm lunch
1pm-3pm Saxon Math KONOS or other school activity of his choosing
3-5 Free time

My summer schedule (starts first real hot days or first day of summer)will look like this:

8am get boys up
8-9:15 chores (listed above)
9:15am-10am garden/yard work
10-10:30am guitar
10:30-10:45am bible
10:45-11am spelling
11-12pm History or Science
12-12:30pm reading
12:30-1pm lunch
1-3pm Saxon Math KONOS or other project
3-5pm Free time

With this schedule he loses 30 minutes of lunch but gains really nice morning time outside relaxing and weeding the garden.


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