Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Fasting but...I have to say this now

Well as much as I want to stay away from this blog and focus on the Lord right now I must tell EVERYONE about this new movie out before it leaves theaters. It's called Fireproof (from the people who made Facing the Giants and Flywheel) it is a GREAT GREAT GREAT movie. I suggest even if you have a great marriage you go see it RIGHT NOW...please=) Oh and take tissue...and some for your husband.

I loved this movie so much I dun went out and bought me the book! I am so glad in "Hollywood"ish world these men are standing up and making these movies!

I pray this movie blesses your marriage like it did my already GREAT marriage!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fasting...many things to pray and focus on

Hey everyone,
Have you ever met a person(s) that all they do is speak of the Lord...I mean all of the time? Not in a bad way but when you are with them you know there whole life revolves around Him. Or have you ever had someone walk into the room and you know the Holy Spirit is within them and you are totally drawn to them? Is that not amazing? I know a few people like this and I want so much to be like them. They are not a preach it and condemn kind of people...on the contraire they are just like you and I, funny whitey, and full of life, it's just that it's fully God's life. To obtain this I realize I want to not change me so much as much as I want to focus on Him. I think with my eyes always looking towards Him, He will change me!
When I started blogging it was to show Him in my life to my family and friends. But unfortunately I let me get in the way. Well as the MercyMe song goes "so long self" so I am taking a break-or a blog fast. I will be back November 4th-ish...If you need a better understanding go here and here. This is where the Lord is leading me.
Sorry no comments on this post, Prayers are welcome.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Schooling,Preparing,Camping and Lagooning?

Okay well I have had an interesting weekend! First though if you want to see how we did with tot school please go here and see.

I will never forget this week! Thursday night my husband informed me of some info we believe the Lord is guiding him to prepare for-Before he told me of this we had some friends who were preparing as well but I was not aware that it was for the same reasons, and I have since talked to other friends who are feeling the same way. We are talking serious stuff people. While part of me is excited to be going on this trip the Lord is calling us to, part of me is -uhh- shakin in my boots. I won't say too much about it, except for us this journey of our lives is now in prepare mode. After hearing the news I was without a doubt completely taken back with nothing going on in my noggin! But because my husband is NEVER wrong....were talking freaky never wrong, I prepare no questions asked! This preparing, it's probably needed for pray and you might want to get prepared.

Well then this weekend we went camping with our 4-H group! It was a blast...and so comical...and a chore! I had no idea going into this what it took to go camping for 1 DAY!!! I am glad we made a list though because many people that came did not have everything they needed. It was a lesson well learned.

When we got there we set up camp, then we chatted and played games for a bit

then it was time for beef camp. The instructor took us around on his 250 acres and showed us the cows and how he took care of them using an electric fence, his swankie water was this cool plastic tub with a ball in it(to prevent freezing) the cows had to push down to get water out of. Then he showed the boys (and girls) how to build a dead man's corner.

It was so nice to be in the country!

After we got back it was time to build a fire and eat. We had good food...our family brought corn

and smores!~

After that we did some Contra dances with the 4-H girls and boys...I loved the dances but I was such a dork! I could not get those moves for nothin!

But you want to know the best part...the absolute most brilliantly funny part is? Well the kids went to play hide and seek after dark. Okay I did have that thought of "I wonder if this is a good idea" but I shook it off because they were all tweens and teens and they probably would be fine...looking back I probably should have thought it out a little more. So getting back to my story, while attempting to clean our hosts kitchen another 4-H mother came in and said this to me...wait first let me set up the scene for you as it makes it oh so much more funny! Okay imaging another mother your camping with walking in and standing in front of you looking down pretending to be picking at the counter but she is actually trying not to laugh "umm Faith your son Stuntman needs you...uhh right now" small pause "He's not hurt or anything but he needs your help" I say "okay whatz up" to that she says "wwweelll he........fell into the lagoon and I mean all the way" then she showed me an imaginary line of...poo all the way up to her chest. And at this point she is holding back a chuckle...I wish you could have been there! We both say a few things about how it went down, we have a good laugh and then we go look for my son as I know he is probably going to be very upset. As I walk out to find him the smell of lagoon engulfs the air and I start thinking man I am just glad he is okay-all the while chuckling at the fact that this is going to be one fun memory to reflect on! It seems my boy saw some friends on the other side of the lagoon and not knowing it was there proceeded to run after them. Then get this after he gets out and realizes he needs to get cleaned up he goes over and tells his dad. "Hey dad I fell into a puddle with cow stuff in it"-a puddle people, and cow stuff...oh my lands "can you get my clothes out of the tent so I can change?" My husband said it only took a few seconds to realize (or smell) what had actually taken place and ran to find me...poor kid! Bahaahahah oh dear it's still so funny! Stuntman was at first really traumatized by it but then he remember another friend's story of falling in and upon remembering that he lightened up and took the jokes with a grain of salt-which everyone there was really nice and did not pick on him too much (but the adults did have a good laugh in private while reflecting over how it all took place). The only down side to this story is that I don't know if we can salvage anything he was wearing=/ and his shoes were pretty new, ugh.

Well isn't that funny! Have a great week all, I have to go prepare...does anyone have any tips for living solely off the land?


Monday, October 6, 2008

Typos and Laziness!

Is it really lazy of me to not want to fix my typos on my blog? I type it out, spend what seems like hours mulling it over for typos, and then publish it only to see 10 or so typos after I have published it. I usually go back and correct a few from to time but for the most part I just think ahhhhh. I just don't care, I know that too needs two oo's I notice the mistakes I just don't wanna fix them! Such laziness huh?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are you sure you want to vote O'bama? Really?

First let me start with saying I think that everyone will want to take this test even if your republican, if anything for the pure understanding of what O'bama thinks our country needs. I also think this test will be good to show the un-decider's what he really feels. You might vote McCain-Palin after you take this test. I urge others to add the link above to there blog to! Let's help America see what O'bama's really about!

I was on a KONOS e-group and was given this test to see how I felt about O'Bama's plan shall he become president. I was SOOOO curious how I really felt across the board on his plan, because the few bigs ones I know of I knew I disagreed on...but what about the others? There are 48 questions and I disagreed with O'Bama on 45 of them!! Actually I disagreed with him on 47 of the 48 but I one question had too many variables for me to understand it either way, and I hit the wrong button on another question. My husband took the test and disagreed with his plan 100%! The one question I agreed with O'Bama on I am going to have to research more because the question was too vague for me to know fully what O'Bama's plan will really result in. I won't tell you which one I agree with him on, on here except to say if you take the test it was #1 on defense. So there ya go. I can't wait to see how others do, so don't forget to come back and tell me!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missionary work in your backyard

After reading this post, I got to really really thinking. I have always had the mindset that Church's should step up and serve the poor, and barked and balked when they did not-and I don't even go to a formal church. I have always thought my husband should be the first to step up he is the man of the house so he needs to be the one to reach out. Yet the bible shows that the women should be the servant (proverbs 31:20) and many many times over we expect only the leaders to serve? How did our country get this way? How did I , because I have a servants heart yet I don't serve unless I am being served. My husband has made the statement more than once "I wish you were as nice to me as you are to your best friend." I serve that friend like she's gold cuz she serves me! So I only serve when I am given service! Stupid because that circle of service with my friend, would probably be obtained with everyone I met if I would just step up and serve-without expectations!

So many times in the last few weeks God has really been showing me little things that I do that are super selfish. I don't mean the big in your face stuff, I mean the
little bitty things. For example when I read the post above I realized I expected church's and my government to feed the poor, yet what do I do? I could not sleep over it. When I think of serving the poor I usually get pretty upset at them because I know in many cases their being poor is a product of their own cause. But just think if I happily served anyways instead of judging, how many people might turn their lives over to the Lord from my service. The Lord will take care of the poor that take advantage of my good deeds and I should not try so hard to protect myself from that happening. I am sure the Lord would tell me if I am should not be doing certain things for certain people.

I know so many mom's say-myself included "but I have to raise my children and the best thing for me to do is to not get to involved outside the home so that I can train my children the way they should go." Yet time and time again I see missionaries who have about 10 or so kids, serving the Lord, their family and the community every day and the kids are far more in love with the Lord than my children are. They don't just preach it to their kids they live it with them. And the mom (because she is not selfish with her time) still has plenty of time to train up her children...more than anything, by her actions of service!

I really think the Lord is pressing on me have more of a servants heart. I am the kind of person who wants to be everything to everyone (not going against my convictions, but it's always been who I am) however I have a hard time doing what I love, serving.

I have started this journey and I wanted to share it with all of you. I will not share what I have been doing because I do not want to sound like I am bragging I just want to show others that it can be done and actually it's not near as hard work to serve others as you would think. The reward is worth the suffering. Like with child birth you do it to gain the joy of a child, the same is with serving, you do the service not to gain a thank you but to gain the knowledge that you did a good deed for the Lord.

What things do you do to serve your husband, or your children, or the needy, or the elderly widow's? I don't mean for you to tell me on here, I mean just take a moment and think about it.

Some service that I have seen from other mom's in the past few weeks that have touched me:

A mother does not 'workout' because she gains enough of a workout chasing her babies...when I told her my kids are calm and play well on their own she said mine do to but I play with them instead of letting them play on their own. Boy oh boy that was a wake up call. Here I was thinking I was a good mom to let my child join me when
they asked ,but if they don't ask I take it as a good oportunity to do something for me!

A mother took her kids to the park and picked up walnuts while they played so she could earn a few extra dollars. How many of us find the closest bench?

A mother told me the other day, she does most everything around the house without much complaining cuz it's her job. She even does her children's jobs from time to time so they can play with their dad. I never do this. I always expect my family to do their job's ALL of the time. I always say "I do my job you have to do yours." or "I am not your slave" Not serving very well is it! I do expect them to do their jobs but if they have had a long day a few minutes playing with dad is not a bad thing. And how much more will they grow up and call you blessed by giving them that time with their dad, and how much more will your husband do so also!

I would love to know what you think about this.



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