Friday, October 17, 2008

Fasting...many things to pray and focus on

Hey everyone,
Have you ever met a person(s) that all they do is speak of the Lord...I mean all of the time? Not in a bad way but when you are with them you know there whole life revolves around Him. Or have you ever had someone walk into the room and you know the Holy Spirit is within them and you are totally drawn to them? Is that not amazing? I know a few people like this and I want so much to be like them. They are not a preach it and condemn kind of people...on the contraire they are just like you and I, funny whitey, and full of life, it's just that it's fully God's life. To obtain this I realize I want to not change me so much as much as I want to focus on Him. I think with my eyes always looking towards Him, He will change me!
When I started blogging it was to show Him in my life to my family and friends. But unfortunately I let me get in the way. Well as the MercyMe song goes "so long self" so I am taking a break-or a blog fast. I will be back November 4th-ish...If you need a better understanding go here and here. This is where the Lord is leading me.
Sorry no comments on this post, Prayers are welcome.

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