Monday, June 30, 2008

The Truth about Autism

Okay I can't take it anymore! I am so tired about being nice when it comes to autism! First I would like to say I without a shadow of a doubt whole heartedly know for a fact that the shots cause autism!!!! I am not stupid you can not look at the proof of thousands of mothers who's kids get autism around the time of their child's shots and say it's not the shots! I will agree that maybe the mercury is not the full cause, maybe its the whole dang coctail of crap in the shots or a copulation of the cocktail and the mercury. If you think mercury is no longer in the shot your a fool! They tell you they are not in the shots but what they don't tell you is they first "wash" the cocktail with mercury several times, then "strain" the mercury out! Hold on let me rinse your food with bleach a few times then strain it out and you tell me if it still has bleach in it! Get some books on these mothers struggles, listen to a mother talk about autism (even if she thinks it's not related to shots) she will give you the same tell tell signs that other mothers give about this problem. Fight people! Stop trusting our Government!

Now you say well what about kids born autistic? I have thought about this long and hard and did you as the parent have your shots? Do you think that since these shots are so dangerous do you think a weak immune system could somehow be passed on to the child? My mother is allergic to ticks, now I am you think if a mother gets these shots and who knows she may have problems that were not diagnosed as autism...then she has a child born with a weak immune system due to the shots she was given and now her child 'seems' autistic, then after her child gets his shots the child goes full blown autistic? What do you think! People we need to start getting real about this!

Think of it like this, you are the person giving out these shots to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people. Then after a while this problem comes up called AUTISM. After some moms notice their child gets Autism right around the time their child got his shots and they say something. Then they (they being our trusty old government) do a little "private" research and hum they (they being parents) might be right...but we (we being the Government) can't fix millions and millions of problems in the world...the problem is just so big! So then parents start to fight, now the government know it has to fight back they can't admit it or the government will end up supporting everyone who sues due to this issue, and 1 out of 120 people...that is a large amount of $, so they can't admit this...and they can't stop it. Do you see them doing research on this! No they keep doing research only on the neurological side (which is the damage that is caused from the shot but is not why it happens!) and fully stay away from the shots and how the diet cures them. Why why are they not really looking at you ever wonder why?

You know in my research I see websites over and over say "There is not 'link' between the MMR and autism" Okay get this Our government teaches in the schools that while there is no "link" to the Neanderthal man and humans they teach that these two men are one and the same! And do we believe that? Boy I hope not! Our government also allowed this study in as proof and the researcher said this "This study really supports the view these are safe vaccines," said David Brown, a researcher at Britain's Health Protection Agency who worked on the study. "The evidence is now so solid there really isn't a need for further studies here."

'Isn't a need for further studies here'...doesn't that send chills down your spine!!!!! One study and we should trust it and drop it! Bull $&*^! I want 10 thousand studies from many different independent groups (including a huge panel of mom's with autistic children) to say it's not shots and then I might start listening!

Stand up and fight, if your kid has autism get informed about mothers who have cured...that's right cured their children. People like Jenny McCarthy
, Karyn Seroussi, and many other mothers. Did you know that Karyn's husband is a scientist and he did his own research? Do you have any idea what he found? You would be shocked!~ I know once autism is present some parents can not use the diet to cure their kid. I do understand it is not full proof and once the damage is done there may be no going back...but look into it. My SIL did and now she see's my side in this and she now realizes that what I said 4-5 years ago was true.

Look at the facts above! Look into the research...stop thinking because some doctor went to school for 8 years he knows what is best he is usually just regurgitating what he was told and so on. And who heads all this research up? Look into would be surprised! Get out there and get informed! Then inform!

I use to think people like me were nuts! I use to think our government was the best thing since Jesus, until I read Karyn Serousii's book. I now look at everything with "open eyes" and I research every bit of information given to me. I research the doctor's side, I research the parent's side, and I research the naturalist's side. I never leave a rock unturned, or a place left unanswered!

Learn to trust God, learn to listen to Him and listen when He is screaming at you! When you go to take your child to get his feel it don't you, that pull that says "this is not right" but you ignore it because our culture says we "need" the shots, and maybe it is nice to have those shots but if I come at you (a grown adult) and say hey I have 36 viruses in this needle and I am going to give them to you so you won't get these viruses later in life...wouldn't you run the other way! I would! So why do we give this to a TWO year old!!!!!!! Seriously! If you do feel the need to give your child shots there are spaced out plans you can look into.

I do not apologize for being angery! Every time I see an Autistic child I just start to get mad! Mad at our culture #1 and mad at the lies we let ourselves believe! My SIL daughter has autism I know first hand what happens I also know her story is the same as thousands I have read about. She agree's with me (after talking to mom's who's kids have the same issues) and talking to the medical community. She knows now...when it's too late.

Listen to the Lord, He will guide you in this!

Here is a great link: Go Here To Learn More!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Going against the "homeschool" grain

Hello all! I am about to post something that has been bothering me since I started homeschooling! I am going to talk about what other homeschool families refuse to talk about...I dare say it...schedules! For years I would ask people "so what kind of schedule do you have?" or I would say "hey I am looking for a schedule can you help me by telling me yours so I can get some ideas?" And I would get this (blink, blink) stare and this empathetic you poor girl don't you know we homeschoolers don't keep schedules that is what the public school does? For years I would think okay this is husband has a schedule why wouldn't I as a wife try and work my day around his? So I would set up schedule after schedule and fail! Then I would think maybe they are right I don't need one, then my husband would come home and feel discouraged that I have to do chores or school while he is home and they were not done while he was doing his work, I knew a schedule was for us. So I implored homeschool moms once again, and again I was met by almost hostile moms. I would think just because the public school has a schedule does not make schedules bad (that also goes for desks! I have met mom's who wont own a desk-school style-because that is what the schools's how it's used that is the problem not the desk, people) So when my husband got cancer I soon found out my lack of schedules came off in a big way as laziness...and in part it was but the big part was my life was a mess from lack of a schedule. So while my husband would rest from his treatments I would organize and I met a this mom who helped us out so much during this time by letting us use her home (her husband and mine are good friends at work) during my husbands treatments so we could homeschool. Well she had a white board with what she needed to do each day or in the near future. She had this great schedule that was neat to see in action. Yes her kid were public school kids so her day was a bit more free to be a lot more organized but she was one of those PTA kind of mom's who is into so much with her kids that it's like she school's. It was neat to meet her! I took her white board idea (which I have tried in the past and failed because I did not do like she did and put it where I would see it each day) and picked it up again. Only I added to it stuff like Dinner, grocery list, etc.

I now have a loose schedule that is hard to stick to (because of years without one) but when I do it, it works well for our family. It goes something like this:

5-8 workouts, chores, showers, school prep, bible time

8-10 garden and outdoor activities or errands like doctor’s visits, dentist’s appointments, etc.

10-12 school type activities (mostly reading or video watching since we are hot and tired from being outside)

12-1 lunch

1-3 school type activities/nap time for little ones (actual book work as it’s nice to do this while the little ones take a nap)

3-5 chores/ free time/prep dinner/small errands if needed

5-6 Dads’ home and dinner-sometime mom goes to work

6-8 play time including stuff like 4-H stuff bed prep time (including bath time, story time, bible time, T.V. time, and family meeting time)
8 kids in bed mom and dad get ready for bed-mom and dad time

9:30 mom and dad bed time

I was talking to a mom that will homeschool and we were discussing not hanging out with friends we have or making new ones cuz it's a lot of work and I mentioned to her my problem with getting close to homeschool mom's mostly stems from a few issues (I will save for another blog) and one is schedules. She told me that in her line of work she has had to work with homeschool moms in the past and when she told them that they had to get on a schedule to fix an issue they angrily refused saying they did not need a schedule of any kind. She told me homeschool families are the only ones that do it to her. She had no idea why and a light bulb went off when I told her I think they don't because they want to stay sooo far away from the government's way of schooling that they get rid of anything that resembles what the public school does. It was unfortunate because these families she talked to whose kids had issues…well there issues would probably resolve with a simple schedule!

We all know the public school has many bad problems and we all want our families to stay away from those evils, but having a schedule is not a bad thing. Not having one of course is not bad either but let families know that are looking for one that while you don't have one you know so and so does and give them their #. Tell them your reasons for not having one and if those reasons are the same as there's then they may do what you do...if not they may call so and so. Either way schedules are not bad things so please stop making mom’s think they are.

Latte Cannon

Life with Cancer...part 2

Heads up to those who read this and don't know us personally our walk through cancer is in the very recent past. My husband is now in remission I just write this to share with friends, family and anyone who feels they may grow closer to the Lord from this.

Okay Sorry this took so long to post but it was hard to write the first's still pretty fresh (like an open wound) I cried all through writing the last post. I just pray that someone walks closer to God through my sharing this.

Part 2 Diagnosis

Before we begin the Diagnosis part I really need to finish part one. I was just too wiped out to do it when I wrote part one. Okay here goes.

My friends The McAdams called...I think the next day. It was all I could do to not start balling at just hearing their voices! They told me (after I informed them I felt this was a punishment for something I did) that this was not something where I needed to look at ME but that this is our natural life and instead I needed to look at God. This is just our fleshly body and that my husband needed a "tune-up" They also told me to be prepared for those in the "church world" who will say "we will pray and God will heal you". At first I could not understand what they meant by this but I was glad to hear from them. I then felt I could call my family and to my surprise they all said 'not to worry we will pray and he will be healed' I know this is the norm in the church world, this constant "healing" upon prayer and I am not against healing at all...I think we just miss the point of why God gave the cancer to begin with it's not just to show God's power. I think for my husband and my self it was a major growth in a lot of areas towards God, our Children, and the love of God through friends and family. So when my family started making those comments the McAdams words rang in my head and I looked to God for the point in all of this...not so much for the healing. I knew if we searched for the answers (by looking at Him) we would either get that healing or understand Gods plan. I was so calm after that, it was amazing. I was sad to know that I was not going to pray feverishly for my husband's healing...that is really hard. But that God would show us what he wanted from all of this. So we prayed.

I want to take a moment and explain why we did not pray for a healing (not that we did not say hey God it would be nice if... but why we did what we did. Think of it like this. Lets say your child is playing at the park and another kid pushes him down. Now you have a choice, you can 1. go over to the kid and the mom who pushed your child and tell them like it is or 2. you can realize that your child is going to face these kinds of trials all of his life and explain to him that this is just a part of life. Now that child knows you love them, they know you will always be there for them (just like God) but he now understands that this is just our natural life. It will have ups and downs and we need to find the meaning of it all...never doubt that you will learn something from every trial in your life. If your read the bible there are some tragically sad stories of men who went to their death bed serving God and living a horrible life. I am sure they asked God to take them out of this situation, but do you think the bible would be what it is today if God had saved Jesus? Jesus died for us, just think of what we could do for others during our trials?

Okay on to part 2

My husband got his scans where it was determined that he had cancer and they needed to remove it. Little at this time was told to us about what it was, where it was or anything. They thought it was "Seminoma" but they were not sure. It seemed like not much time went by and we were at the hospital and he was getting it removed. It was SOOO hard for me to take him there. I am not against hospitals but I know the statistics of death by hospitals and it scared me more than the cancer! I sat in the waiting room drinking an ungodly amount of lattes, watching Home and Garden TV and cropping pictures for a scrapbook project I started (that did not get done in-part until Christmas and the rest until...well it's still not done come to think of it as of June 2008) My sister-in-law with her daughter and BIL came to visit with my while I waited, and while at first I was not happy with company (I do well alone) it was nice to have them there. The doctor came out about a million hours later and said Thor did well, but there was more than they thought so they needed to cut more and put in a stint where the cancer put pressure on his bladder area. They were suppose to let him go home that day (I know crazy huh) but they decided to keep him over night. My MIL and FIL along with our kids came up to see my husband who was doing just fine. He got loads of calls and visits from friends, it was a huge blessing to see how loved he was. Even a friend of mine came by with Cookies and trail mix! It was like they wrapped us in a warm blanket and God was the blanket! I stayed the night with my husband and we both got little sleep because I drank too many lattes and the TV was on. I also think it was just nice for us to bond.

During the days that lead up to the doctors visits I came to reality about cancer not being "completely curable" I now understood we can take measures to care for our temple but the best cure is praying for the things we can't protect ourselves the environment, drunk drivers, etc. I had to lay that idea to rest and start working on my husband getting his "tune-up" as the McAdams called it.

My husband got his results (rather quickly) and a few days later we saw the doctor. This appointment was something I prepared for because while I came to terms with no cure all cancer I knew we were going to do what ever we could to make sure that we ate God's food-herbs, vits, etc. to help my husband along. I knew that some drugs and herbs may not go together so I went there with questions. Large parts of that interview is burned into my head. My husband and I were told he had seminoma cancer its a testicular cancer and that it has spread over and was putting pressure on his bladder...area and hence the pain. He had lymph nodes near the cancer site that were beyond large and they needed to do chemo to shrink them. This doctor had great bedside manners and had the white board and went step by step through the whole process. He even told us we probably wont remember most of this...and while at first I did remember over time it has left me. But large parts are burned into my head! I was told vits can interfere with chemo and so I gave them to him up to the day of chemo. He told us we had a 95% cure rate with this kind of cancer. I had two thoughts 1. ugh 5% seemed like a lot, and 2. how sad I felt about families who do not get that kind of %! I wanted to be thankful and at the same time I was so sad for so many others with cancer.

Well I got through that without crying! Well there ya go...I hope this is not too much info for all of you guys!

I pray that those who go through this can learn to come to terms with this, and can grow towards God and his plan when something like this happens...He is a great God even in the worst of times.


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Truth about pastors

I was given permission to post this wonderful e-mail i got this morning!

Love, Latte

Homeschool News 'n Views
Issue 73, June 15, 2008

By Dan L. White

Listen to this article.

Sometimes we talk about pusillanimous pastors. Is that too harsh?

Pusillanimous –

  • lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.

  • Latin pusillus, weak, diminutive of pullus, young of an animal;

  • used in Church Latin to translate Greek oligopsychos: "small-souled".

Church pastors are nice guys. That’s why they’re pastors. They’re personable and easy to get along with. They don’t rub people the wrong way. People like their church pastors. They’re nice guys.

That can also be their biggest shortcoming. They don’t want to offend people. Pastors tend to be cuddlers, not correctors. So when people need correcting, pastors usually cuddle.

The only time the word pastor appears in the New Testament in is the old King James Bible is in Ephesians 4. Some say that the original Greek word there should be accurately rendered as shepherd, not pastor. That will give a different connotation. Pastor refers to putting out to pasture, while shepherd is someone who not only feeds the sheep, but guides them and protects them.

Psalm 23 is the shepherd psalm. Verse 3 of that psalm says that the shepherd guides in the paths of righteousness. That means that the sheep have to be corrected when they head off in the wrong direction.

Others say that the pastor system, having one man in charge of a congregation, is incorrect. Paul said to ordain elders in every church, meaning that the church would be run by elders, not just one elder. That way, one man does not have to take all the pressure when correction is necessary. Pastors have a high burnout rate.

The reality is that, given the spiritual condition of America today, the pastor system has not worked. The people have not been corrected. They have headed off in the wrong direction.

The Christian researcher George Barna has written about this extensively. He has done repeated surveys which show that most who call themselves Christian don’t read the Bible, don’t know the Bible and don’t have a Bible view of life. The people who do attend churches have been greatly affected by the common problems of society, such as adultery, divorce and pornography. They have not been guided in the paths of righteousness.

A prime example of pastor pusillanimosity is education. Most Americans know how anti-Christ the public schools are. The pagans revel in that. Most Christians do not rebel against it.

Here’s an easy test. The public schools are filled with all sorts of evil. They train 90% of America’s youth in that evil. Almost all of America’s youth absorb that evil, and then become evangelists of evil themselves. This is turning America into an evil, Christ hating country.

Does your church stand against the public schools?

If Christian parents want to avoid that evil, all they have to do is take their kids out of the public schools. There is currently no persecution. It’s not even a real hassle anymore. Just do it.

Does your church and its pastor guide the people in the paths of righteousness, by telling them to get away from that big government institution of anti-Christian education? Does your church actively and vigorously support Christian education? Does your church pastor absolutely and unequivocally tell the members to get their children out of the public schools?

Or does he pusillanimosize?

There are some pastors and congregations which do make a strong stand against the sins in the public schools. It is very inspiring to see that. Some have homeschool support ministries which they will share with other congregations who are interested. Some have proven plans for starting an easy co-op homeschool-church school program. A few churches are just full of homeschool families. May they be greatly blessed in their stand for God and against Satan. May Christ draw them ever closer to Him.

We heard of one pastor locally who gave a sermon urging the congregation to get out of the public schools. However, some of the congregation -- including church officials -- just got out of that church.

Many would think that is bad. Oh, no – they left the church. People must never be offended, or they will leave the church.

A spiritual group is like a burning fire. When someone is joined to that group, they either add fire or water to the group. If the person is spiritually growing, shown by being willing to stand against sin, then he adds more fire to the fire of the group. If he is spiritually dead, not willing to stand against sin but tolerating it, then he adds water to the spiritual fire of the group. Get enough of those in a group and all the spiritual fire goes out.

So in that instance, those public school people took their buckets and went elsewhere.

There are very, very few pastors and congregations who stand against the sins of the public schools. If they won’t stand against obscenities, sex, drugs, violence and now homosexuality, what will they stand against?

Driving around in the Ozarks in June, we see many huge, elaborate church buildings with big banners out front – Vacation Bible School. They try to dress their Vacation Bible Schools up by making them like video games or space trips or some such, since they are assuming the young people will not be interested in – the Bible. So what if all those big churches taught the Bible to their young people not just during vacation, but all year round?

But they don’t. And most church pastors don’t give strong sermons against the sins of the public schools. They just give positive messages full of pusillanimuck.

Look at what we are facing in the near future.

From Yahoo news, June 15:

“[Several historians see] Barack Obama’s prospects as the most promising for a Democrat since Roosevelt trounced Hoover in 1932.

“This should be an overwhelming Democratic victory,” said Allan Lichtman, [one historian] Lichtman, whose forecasting model has correctly predicted the last six presidential popular vote winners, predicts that this year, “Republicans face what have always been insurmountable historical odds.” His system gives McCain a score on par with Jimmy Carter’s in 1980.”

[Another historian] compared McCain’s prospects to those of Hubert Humphrey, whose 1968 loss to Richard Nixon resulted in large part from the unpopularity of sitting Democratic president Lyndon Johnson.

“It is one of the worst political environments for the party in power since World War II,” added Alan Abramowitz, a professor of public opinion…. His forecasting model — which factors in gross domestic product, whether a party has completed two terms in the White House and net presidential approval rating — gives McCain about the same odds as Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and Carter in 1980 — both of whom were handily defeated in elections that returned the presidency to the previously out-of-power party.””

If the liberals control the presidency and both houses of Congress, Christians will face trials they have never faced in America. These trials will be financial, because taxes will be raised, particularly on families. These trials will be religious, as there will be active persecution of any who do not bow to the liberal religious dogma. These trials will be personal, as the nation gets absolutely overrun with pornography and filth, sucking many down into the pusillanimire.

And all those pusillanimous pastors and churches – what will they do then?

The same thing they are doing now. They will just go along, saying nothing, doing nothing, just having pusillanimeetings.

Does your church make a stand against the public schools?

If you attend a church which does not stand against the public schools right now, then for spiritual food you’re just getting dead meat -- pusillanimeat. That won’t apply just to education and schools, but to everything they say and do. If they don’t have the faith to stand in one area, they will not have the faith to stand in other areas.

If you eat enough of that, it will kill you spiritually.

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 and the parable of the pounds in Luke 19 are similar. You recall the stories, where Christ’s servants were given a weight of money to use for increase. Some servants used their gift for increase and some just did nothing.

Notice that there are two groups who receive Christ’s condemnation: those who are His outright enemies and don’t want Him to reign; and those who are His servants but do nothing.

The sad reality is that most churches have not helped teach young people about Christ, but have actually hindered that. If you want to draw closer to Christ, you will not do so through such a group.

As we near the end of this age, Christ is drawing His people closer to Him. Just like the original disciples, Christ’s true followers have the faith to stand for Him. That faith comes from Him. Christian homeschool families have made a monumental choice, in deciding to follow a homeschool Christ centered lifestyle. Almost surely your church or your pastor did not urge you to do that. They may have even hindered you in doing that. But you followed Christ directly, not going through any group or any man.

Keep doing that.

God bless the Christian homeschoolers.

- - - - - -

Homeschool Helpers
In association with Pass It On Ministries
5017 McDaris Drive
Hartville, MO. 65667

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Life With Cancer...part 1

Okay I thought long and hard about posting this to my friends and family. I guess I mostly do this for myself (I have plan's to scrapbook this post) but I share so those who love us can know the trials of Cancer through my (Latte's) eyes. I am not sure what good will come from sharing this, I pray something.

Now before we begin I must tell you this blog needs a few things before you read it. #1 a lot of time #2 a whole box of Kleenex and the ability to handle sad stories, don't worry it has a happy ending #3 a really good soothing drink (for me it would be, you guessed it- a latte).

Well here is our story. I will give you a little "get to know us" for those who don't know the year that led up to my husband getting cancer:

My husband had been on serious overtime-he was gone from this house about 70 hours a week. He had been on overtime for I think a year and 1/2. This was hard on all of us. My husband was always so tired. We had decided him working overtime was best to pay the house off 21 YEARS early. We thought 2 years of overtime was worth the pain to not have a house payment again. After a year and ½ this was getting hard to remember this. Now to my families story:

December 2, 2007
We where getting ready to go to my In Law's for my BIL's birthday party. I was in the bathroom getting all girlafide and my husband was in the bedroom sitting on the bed getting dressed. He had been complaining all morning that his back/side had hurt but now as we got down to the final minutes before we were to leave he was really complaining. My first thoughts were man all week long he is fine but when ever the weekend gets here he makes a small belly ache a big thing...every stinking weekend! I was frustrated because I LOVE spending time with my happy fun husband and since he has been on overtime he almost no longer existed. I made my thoughts clear and my husband became very upset thinking I was calling him a liar-how I regret those words. Though I was not calling him a liar I did just think his exhaustion probably made him more willing to give in to small aches. We went ahead and went to the party.

At the party my husband was careful not to mention his side too much, but he was having trouble containing his pain, I unfortunately secretly wondered if he kept the drama going to prove me wrong, so sad. As we packed to leave my husband went out to the car ahead of us. Once I was outside my MIL came up to me and told me my husband was over in the bushes getting sick. A little bit of fear came over me, I soon realized my husband probably had a serious problem.

Monday December 3, 2007
My husband called in sick...this is something he NEVER does. I started to get a little nervous so I got on my computer and looked up what would cause the pain he was having, the computer said gallbladder or kidney stones. Okay that's not too bad. Finally just before the doctor's office closed he made an appointment.

Tuesday December 4th, 2007
The doctor agrees with me and sends him to get an x-ray. We wait all day for the doctor to call us back. Then once we are home and on the couch he gets the call. I actually remember the doctor saying "It's a tumor" from a few feet away while my husband was on the phone. My husband kept a straight face and so I thought I must be hearing things. I suddenly started praying 'please let me have heard that wrong...Oh God'. He gets off the phone and tells me "it's a tumor" My first thoughts are no way not my husband; he is the good guy in this whole family. Of all the people I have ever met he does it all right, all good, all well, not him. I cried while my dear sweet husband held me. We told have no idea what it feels like to tell a child their parent is sick. The rest of the day was a burned in blur. I remember thinking I don't want to tell anyone! I really didn't, if I deny maybe it will go away. I soon found out many people do this everyday in their own way.

That night I was watching a show with my husband and I realized I just could not tell anyone...not yet. My thoughts were so strong towards some friends of ours that were visiting Israel (at that moment anyways)I just knew I needed to talk to them. Like God was telling me call them first.

That is all for today, I will write more next week with part 2. I will probably have the story run something like this:

Part 2 Diagnosis

Part 3 Treatments

Part 4 Rehabilitated and life after cancer
Latte Cannon


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