Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our School Schedule and Bookieness

Okay here is our daily Schedule to start September 1st M-Th:

11 year old Stuntman:
6-8am Chores/Eat
8-9:45am Yard Work or Guitar Lessons
9:45-10am Snack
10-10:30am Reading or Language Arts
10:30-11am Spelling AVKO and Spell every Monday)
11-12pm History- The Mystery of History
12-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-3pm KONOS and Math
3-5pm Free Time
5-6pm Dinner
6-7pm Family Time or 4-H
7-8pm Chores/Bedtime prep
8-9pm Free Time
9pm Bed Time

3 year old Little Thunder:
6-8am Chores/Eat/Cuddle time
8-9:45am Yard time/mom time
9:45-10am Snack
10-12am School more School or Play time
12-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-3ish Nap Time
3-5pm Play Time/Help Mommy Cook
5-6pm Dinner
6-7pm Family Time
7-8pm Chores/Bath/Bed prep
8-8:30pm Bed time

Age something something Latte Mom:
6-8am Chores/Prep Dinner/Cook
8-9am Yard Work
9-10am Little Thunder Time/Snack Prep
10-10:30am Reading time with boys
10:30-11am Spelling
11-12pm History
12-12:30pm Lunch /Lay Little Thunder down
12:30-3pm Teach Stuntman from KONOS
3-5pm Cook Dinner
5-6pm Dinner or Work
6-7pm Family Time or Work
7-8pm Chores/Ty bath time/Get boys ready for bed
8-8:30pm Little Thunder time/Story Time
8:30-9pm Stuntman Time
8:30-9pm Me Time/Hubby Time/Bed prep
9:30pm Bed Time

Age something something Thunder:
5:15-5:40am Chores
5:40-6:30am Drive To Work
6:30-4pm Work
4-5pm Drive Home/Get Groceries When Needed
5-6pm Dinner
6-7pm Family Time
7-8pm Rest
8-9:30pm Rest/Get Ready For Bed
9:30pm Bed Time

Click on any of the links above and below to see what products I am talking about.

Okay to give you the run down first I know our schedules look too full but trust me I gave plenty of room for most everything. It does not take 2 hours to do chores but it helps to have 2 hours cuz we are trying to wake up!~) Chores are usually stuff like, get dressed, make bed, clean room, walk/feed dogs, laundry and eat. For me morning chores include a small workout and shower...and hair and makeup. Little Thunder's morning chores only include getting his cloths out and eating and sometimes helping me.

On day's it's raining or too cold Stuntman will do his guitar lessons, I figure about 2-3 times a week.

KONOS is a unit studies,classical style, and an all in one program that covers Bible, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Literature, and health and safety. KONOS also like the mystery of history covers all ages so while I am teaching Stuntman I can also teach Little Thunder. Very cool! What is also very cool is it's only one book and all other resources I need to get I can buy on Amazon, get from the library, or at supply stores as needed. It is 'mom hands on' a few hours a week, but I think I need to be in my kids work more. Besides most of his other work is pretty easy so doing this a few hours a day of KONOS is not so bad. I am really excited because this is Stuntman's kind of school...Like we will do stuff like make an otoscope or a royal costume, learn sign language, make a bird feeder, go to the zoo, etc. Also this book covers character traits like Attentiveness, Obedience, Orderliness, Trust, Patience, Stewardship, and Honor. This book seems like loads of fun for a boy huh! They have cool stuff for a girl too.

Friday's I work all day or shop so the boys get to either go shopping with me, with trips to the park and library or go to Grandma's house. They don't usually have to do school on this day.

Well that is all I can think of, I pray that you enjoyed reading this.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

savings/diet/and such

Lets start with the such...I love this ladies blog! Every time I read it I get a lovely laugh...I want to be as comical as she is, it's great therapy!!! I also wanted to let everyone know we will be starting school in September and I am getting excited again. We are so behind this year with my husband being sick but it does not bother me too much we have years to catch up.

Next savings...I went shopping again. Normally I do this on Friday's but this week we had to be out on Monday so I got some of it out of the way, it will give me more time on Friday to read blogs...tee he.

Okay first I love CVS, you buy certain items they give you coupons for anything on your next visit, you buy use your coupons + ad your Sunday coupons, and get their items on sale and the savings are huge!!!! Okay I will show ya!

Last week I went to CVS and paid 26.76 for these items but the store gave me 27.77 in coupons for my next visit. So this week I got:

Excedrin PM had a Sunday paper clipping (spc) coupon and paid 1.79
Crest Whitening toothpaste had spc and got it for .24 cents after 1.50 coupon for next visit
2 Crest Pro Health toothpaste had a spc and got it for .49 after 1.50 coupon for next visit
Oral B Advantage toothbrush had a spc and got it for FREE after 1.50 coupon for next visit
2 Bic whiteout had spc got it for .50ea
Dawn dish soap-lavendar and Jasmine YUM had spc got it for .38 cents
2 Sure Deodorant had spc got them for FREE
2 Covergirl makeup had spc got them for FREE
2 post cereals had spc got them for 1.65ea
Shick Razor kit 3.99 (this was a rain check item from last week)

My total would have been for all of the items (all were on sale) 36.17 But with my spc coupons the total came out to 20.03 then I used my store coupons from last week's purchases (all but a 9.99 one) and had 2.25 to pay in cash. But I got a 4.50 store coupon back and a 2 dollar store coupon back. So on my next visit I will still have 16.49 in store coupons.

This Grocery Game is fun!

At Walgreens my purchase were:
2 Dawn Dish soap (yummy lavendar again!) spc+store coupon (sc) paid .49ea
1Walgreen's ammonia 64 oz on sale (just needed some) 1 dollar
Paper mate 10 pens sc paid .09
Penway erasers 15pk sc paid .09
paper clips 100pk sc paid .19
wooden ruler sc paid .19
index cards 100pk sc paid .19
scrubbing bubbles cleaner 16oz sc+spc paid1.25
Glade candle 4 oz sc+spc FREE
XLVacuum Travel Bag (the ones that suck the air out of the bag of clothes) FREE after rebate
L Vacuum Travel Bag FREE after rebate

My total would have been: 32.39 But after coupons and rebates I will pay: $3.98!!!!!! Can you believe that!!!!!Hold on I want to do the math again to see if I got that right, yep I got it right!!!!! So everything I listed above for Walgreens came to $3.98!!! I am super stoked about that!

Hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!!! So to recap I got this:

and this:

for a total of $6.23!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I have over $16 dollars left to spend at CVS!!!! Try doing that at the dollar store!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh oops that video my son got on sale for .99 cents.

Okay weight loss, I did not lose any weight, I did not diet very well and I did not exercise at all! So no update this week...sad. I will try harder this week on working out because I am trying to dieting and even though I am not that good it's better than I was and yet the weight is still not coming of so...


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Deals Deals Deals

Okay well I did some shopping yesterday using and I had a blast!!! I really think I will like it more once I get use to doing it. I went to CVS, Walgreen’s, and Dillions.

Now before I tell you of my deals I want you to read all the way through because you may think oh well I don't buy that stuff, but with the grocery game I picked what I wanted/the best deals and you can too.

So at CVS the rules are a little different. You buy some items that are "free" but in a way they are not. First you buy the items that they say are free then you get coupons (good for anything at CVS) on your next visit. And if you play the grocery game and get good deals on the next visit you will really make your dollars stretch!

Okay my savings:

Kodak picture movie DVD (with music, moving pictures, + loads extra) cost 9.99 get 9.99 coupon
30pk Elmo Band-Aids cost .99 get 2.00 coupon
Revlon Lipstick 9.99 get 9.99 coupon
Children’s Advil 5.79 get 5.79 coupon

Now like I said these items sound high but next time I go I will have these coupons, grocery coupons and buy stuff I really need at huge savings. I will say that if I knew how cool that Kodak picture movie DVD was I would have paid full price. It was the bomb!!!

So to recap I purchased 4 large ticket items for 26.76 and on my next visit I will be able to spend 27.77 for free.

Walgreen’s was fun.

I got Sharpie pen buy 1 - 1.99 get 2 free
Gel Pen buy 1- 2.79 get 2 free
White Board .99 -came with magnets and pen
Paper Mate Markers .93 cents each
Hunts tomato sauce .67 cents for 3
16- 3 metal prong folders .26 cents
4pack 60 watt bulbs 1.99 FREE after rebate
BIO Organic shampoo 5.99 FREE after rebate
Pert Plus shampoo 3.79 FREE after rebate
Jane makeup powder $4.99 Free after rebate

All of this (without sales) would have cost me 70.29...I think with the sales it would have cost me 30.39. And after the rebates it will cost me 13.63! Cool huh!

Okay at Dillions :

Cantaloupe reg 3.49 I paid 1.74 each for 2
Sargento string cheese reg 5.35 I paid 2.50
Daisy Sour Cream reg 2.89 I paid $1.00
Kroger Apple Juice 64 oz reg 2.49 I paid $1.00
Welch's Juice 64 oz reg 4.25 I paid 1.50
Windex Glass cleaner reg 3.45 I got 2 for $1.00 each
Lysol all purpose cleaner 32oz reg 2.75 I paid .50cents
Lysol all purpose cleaner 40oz reg 3.15 I paid .50cents
Palmolive Dish Soap 20oz reg 2.29 I paid .87cents
Skinmate shave Gel 7oz reg 2.41 I paid .50 cents

Boy oh Boy is that not cool! Without the sales it would have cost me: 40ish with the sales it would have been 23.36 and with my coupons it was 12.85!!!! Plus get this, I am trying to be more 'green' and I brought my own bags and they give you a nickel for every bag of your own that you bring in! I brought in 2! That made me happy!

I will admit this took me a long time to do, but I bet with time I could get really good at this. I also made mistakes and did not get the right cheese the first time and not only had to take it back I also had to get them to understand they did not give me my extra discounts (buy 10 of certain items get $5 back) so I had to go back and get that! Luckily all the stores were together and I noticed the problems quickly! I also noticed Walgreen’s charged me buy 2 get one free when the ad says buy 1 get 2 free so next time I am over there I will have to get my money back on that. I should have caught that one sooner but the lady at the register was so nice and I got to talking and such and...well she got the best of me. I had a blast making my DVD and if I can I am going to put it on this blog.

Also I did all this running around with children and in the heat and it was still so much fun. We went to the park around 7am for an hour then shop, shop, shop then the library for an hour so that the kids could really enjoy the day too. Next time I pray the kids get more time because I will get better at this.

Love Latte


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