Thursday, February 26, 2009

getting the funk out of funky

Do you ever get to the point when your own funky home grosses you out? Okay I am one of those strange people who wants a super organized home but I don't mind dirt-it's just too unavoidable. But there is a point you get to that you can just no longer touch many parts of your home cuz it's just so gross you think...

"should I just go ahead and clean today?-or would it be best to just condemn this house burn it to the ground and start over with a new one?"

You want to know what is really sad? I clean for a living! Well actually I am a house/homeschool/nurse/butt wiper wife and mom for a living, I just earn a few extra bucks cleaning homes and offices. Which pays well mind you.

And it's not that I mind cleaning my home compared to theirs it's just that mine takes longer!

-days longer...

Want to know why?

I have to organize, homeschool, yell at the kids, and wipe butts, as I go. When I clean other homes...I just clean. I have tried pawning the kids off on to other family members so I can clean but instead I do other things like blog, or read, or nap.

I would love to say I deep clean my home well twice a month but lately some rooms have not been cleaned 'well' in months!

So all this funky funk cleaning got me to wondering how often do you deep clean your home? Ya know where you get the funk out of the funky spots like behind your toilet...or even maybe the toilet it's self? Do tell, this cleaning lady is dieing to know!

Now I am off to try and get the funky-ness outa here.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My frugal addiction...I need help!

Well I have been neglecting this blog for my frugal blog...I am just so addicted to saving money now! I mean when you save more than 70% or more every time you shop, it gets in your blood! Take yesterday for instance, I purchased $305 dollars worth of stuff from Sears, Walgreen's, and CVS and only paid around 88 bucks! And almost all of it IS stuff we need. Anything we don't need (the stuff we don't need I got for free) I donate to a local charity or give to friends in need.

To see my deals from yesterday go here!


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