Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My frugal addiction...I need help!

Well I have been neglecting this blog for my frugal blog...I am just so addicted to saving money now! I mean when you save more than 70% or more every time you shop, it gets in your blood! Take yesterday for instance, I purchased $305 dollars worth of stuff from Sears, Walgreen's, and CVS and only paid around 88 bucks! And almost all of it IS stuff we need. Anything we don't need (the stuff we don't need I got for free) I donate to a local charity or give to friends in need.

To see my deals from yesterday go here!



Gloria said...

I love those great mom was always a bargain shopping so it's in my blood! I remember when I was a teenager and Iwould roll my eyes when my mom would get so excited over a big savings....well that all changed when I was rasising my kids and believe it or not even more now that my husband is 57 and nearing retirement.

Savings to me only counts when it something you need or a big tag item that you have saved for and end up getting it even cheaper!

I have always said that just because it cost it is cheap doesn't mean your saving money if it isn't something you really need.

Have a great day!

JenIG said...

good golly, that is QUITE a savings!


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