Friday, January 30, 2009

Get off that ladder and get back in the Cabinet NOW!

Okay awhile back my husband mentioned he was going to throw an old rickety wooden ladder away after purchasing a swank new metal one. -I said the heck you are! I am going to decorate with it. At which point laughter and "what are you talking about" remarks from my dear Husband ensued .

All I pretty much had to do was tell him "it's free decor" and I got my ladder!-evil grin!

But over the course of remodeling, the place I had in mind (to hang it on the wall flush against the ceiling with herbs dangling from it) was replaced...will be replaced with a wood stove.

And I don't know about you but a wooden ladder with dry herbs above a wood stove sounds like a fire hazard to me?

So my next idea, well why don't you see for yourself:

On the bottom rung I put magazines (because the ladder is right next to the toilet and everyone knows a toilet and reading go hand and hand)

Next rung toilet paper-again, toilet=need for toilet paper

Then I put towels and wash cloths on the upper rungs and in the bottom picture you can see I put some candles on the back rungs so if someone wanted to they could light them...

but I pray not on the ladder!

Sorry I did my pictures in sepia because the paint on my walls is just plain ugly and I did not want you to see it. -I will be painting over it the next few months.

So what do you think?


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Charley & Jessica said...

VERY creative. I'd have never thought of something like that.


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