Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You want to put concrete where?....

I love rustic...absolutely love it! If you have read older posts you know I am a big square and I like things that are beautiful and well basic. So when my husband told me he was thinking of going into the concrete counter top business I jumped at the chance for a rustic counter top!

This is my main (main meaning the main one we use day in and day out) bathroom counter before:
Um...that is a hair tie in the sink, and do you see those black marks on the sink that is were I dropped something and it chipped the sink. I did that when we first got the house almost 10 years ago and not one time since!

Go figure!

Here is another:
you can see the chips better in this one and a the outlet without a cover...we are getting to that.

So drum roll on my new counter top!..............ththththththththtthththtthhttththththt

Don'tcha just love it! I asked for black, but it seems that charcoal was as close to back as they could get...dreamy huh! Did I mention it only cost him about $20 (counter top only) to make?

Here it is at other angles:
If you notice the crease in the counter in the picture above it's because my husband made this one upside down...and the tape (while flat when he laid it) wrinkled from the weight of the concrete. That is also why you see such color variations, that would not happen if you do it right side up-but I love it this way! I actually love it both ways!

So what do you think? You won't hurt my feelings none! My husband earned real brownie points in my eye! Now he HAS to do the whole house (all counter tops!)


gloria said...

I love it! the pictures 2.

Tell hubby nice job.

My dream sink for the bathroom is a double. Let's not forget the jacuzzi.....someday.

My dream counters for the kitchen I finally got "granite" and I actually regret it..they are not easy to have to use special cleaner...which to me is a pain.

Katherine said...

I love it!! It is gorgeous!! He did a beautiful job! Now, I want one...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is a really nice countertop!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

wow that looks great!


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