Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Week of School cuz it's cool!

Well last week was our official first week of school. I have to say, I always love the first week. New books, I am organized-for a change, the kids *actually* want to learn, and I love the feeling a being all Teacherie. But usually after that, it's all down hill (like a workout video you think you will do until your butt is in shape...it never happens right?)

But this year, I have a drive in me, that I have never had before. It's not a drive to "finish all of our books" or a drive to do school on time everyday. It's a drive to TRY. that simple. I usually let "research" get the best of me. I try to perfect everything, and in the end, do NOTHING!

I will have to admit my biggest reason for this change is:

1. my diet. I gave up sugar and caffeine (and soon phosphoric acid-it hurts my bones! and bread and pasta-cuz I just eat too much of it) I feel alive now...like my soul is on fire! I wish I would have known this 4 years ago...but maybe this is God's way of me being able to share with the world...that stuff steals your life.

2. GREAT examples of other homeschool moms. I have had some women in my life lately (blog and real life) that share my passion's and to see them in action...it's, intoxicating! I figure, why keep researching it ya duffice, get out there and live it. It would be great to be the example to others that they have been to me. Hey its my dream, stop laughing!

3. my husband, he is my rock, and I feel like when I don't put the effort in, what kind of wife am I? Oh and he works like 10 times more than I do...so I feel kind of like I should be atleast trying a little more.

4. my kids. They love school, and they love spending time with me. Why not give them what they want? It's not like they want candy and PlayStation. Well they do...but that's not my point.

Can you have 4 better reasons? Yes...the Lord. For those that don't have Him in their lives, I just don't know how they make it through the day. Especially if ya don't have the drugs, caffeine and sugar anymore.

My life is not perfect...but I love it just the way it is (minus the disorganized parts of course)

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