Friday, June 6, 2008

Life With Cancer...part 1

Okay I thought long and hard about posting this to my friends and family. I guess I mostly do this for myself (I have plan's to scrapbook this post) but I share so those who love us can know the trials of Cancer through my (Latte's) eyes. I am not sure what good will come from sharing this, I pray something.

Now before we begin I must tell you this blog needs a few things before you read it. #1 a lot of time #2 a whole box of Kleenex and the ability to handle sad stories, don't worry it has a happy ending #3 a really good soothing drink (for me it would be, you guessed it- a latte).

Well here is our story. I will give you a little "get to know us" for those who don't know the year that led up to my husband getting cancer:

My husband had been on serious overtime-he was gone from this house about 70 hours a week. He had been on overtime for I think a year and 1/2. This was hard on all of us. My husband was always so tired. We had decided him working overtime was best to pay the house off 21 YEARS early. We thought 2 years of overtime was worth the pain to not have a house payment again. After a year and ½ this was getting hard to remember this. Now to my families story:

December 2, 2007
We where getting ready to go to my In Law's for my BIL's birthday party. I was in the bathroom getting all girlafide and my husband was in the bedroom sitting on the bed getting dressed. He had been complaining all morning that his back/side had hurt but now as we got down to the final minutes before we were to leave he was really complaining. My first thoughts were man all week long he is fine but when ever the weekend gets here he makes a small belly ache a big thing...every stinking weekend! I was frustrated because I LOVE spending time with my happy fun husband and since he has been on overtime he almost no longer existed. I made my thoughts clear and my husband became very upset thinking I was calling him a liar-how I regret those words. Though I was not calling him a liar I did just think his exhaustion probably made him more willing to give in to small aches. We went ahead and went to the party.

At the party my husband was careful not to mention his side too much, but he was having trouble containing his pain, I unfortunately secretly wondered if he kept the drama going to prove me wrong, so sad. As we packed to leave my husband went out to the car ahead of us. Once I was outside my MIL came up to me and told me my husband was over in the bushes getting sick. A little bit of fear came over me, I soon realized my husband probably had a serious problem.

Monday December 3, 2007
My husband called in sick...this is something he NEVER does. I started to get a little nervous so I got on my computer and looked up what would cause the pain he was having, the computer said gallbladder or kidney stones. Okay that's not too bad. Finally just before the doctor's office closed he made an appointment.

Tuesday December 4th, 2007
The doctor agrees with me and sends him to get an x-ray. We wait all day for the doctor to call us back. Then once we are home and on the couch he gets the call. I actually remember the doctor saying "It's a tumor" from a few feet away while my husband was on the phone. My husband kept a straight face and so I thought I must be hearing things. I suddenly started praying 'please let me have heard that wrong...Oh God'. He gets off the phone and tells me "it's a tumor" My first thoughts are no way not my husband; he is the good guy in this whole family. Of all the people I have ever met he does it all right, all good, all well, not him. I cried while my dear sweet husband held me. We told have no idea what it feels like to tell a child their parent is sick. The rest of the day was a burned in blur. I remember thinking I don't want to tell anyone! I really didn't, if I deny maybe it will go away. I soon found out many people do this everyday in their own way.

That night I was watching a show with my husband and I realized I just could not tell anyone...not yet. My thoughts were so strong towards some friends of ours that were visiting Israel (at that moment anyways)I just knew I needed to talk to them. Like God was telling me call them first.

That is all for today, I will write more next week with part 2. I will probably have the story run something like this:

Part 2 Diagnosis

Part 3 Treatments

Part 4 Rehabilitated and life after cancer
Latte Cannon


Nicky said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You definately have me hooked on yours--I need to know what happened next and if there really is a happy ending!! My prayers are with your family.

Lisa said...

Love your new blog! If you have a chance, please send me your email address. I've wondered how your family is, but don't want to post everything on a blog.

Take care!


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