Monday, June 30, 2008

The Truth about Autism

Okay I can't take it anymore! I am so tired about being nice when it comes to autism! First I would like to say I without a shadow of a doubt whole heartedly know for a fact that the shots cause autism!!!! I am not stupid you can not look at the proof of thousands of mothers who's kids get autism around the time of their child's shots and say it's not the shots! I will agree that maybe the mercury is not the full cause, maybe its the whole dang coctail of crap in the shots or a copulation of the cocktail and the mercury. If you think mercury is no longer in the shot your a fool! They tell you they are not in the shots but what they don't tell you is they first "wash" the cocktail with mercury several times, then "strain" the mercury out! Hold on let me rinse your food with bleach a few times then strain it out and you tell me if it still has bleach in it! Get some books on these mothers struggles, listen to a mother talk about autism (even if she thinks it's not related to shots) she will give you the same tell tell signs that other mothers give about this problem. Fight people! Stop trusting our Government!

Now you say well what about kids born autistic? I have thought about this long and hard and did you as the parent have your shots? Do you think that since these shots are so dangerous do you think a weak immune system could somehow be passed on to the child? My mother is allergic to ticks, now I am you think if a mother gets these shots and who knows she may have problems that were not diagnosed as autism...then she has a child born with a weak immune system due to the shots she was given and now her child 'seems' autistic, then after her child gets his shots the child goes full blown autistic? What do you think! People we need to start getting real about this!

Think of it like this, you are the person giving out these shots to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people. Then after a while this problem comes up called AUTISM. After some moms notice their child gets Autism right around the time their child got his shots and they say something. Then they (they being our trusty old government) do a little "private" research and hum they (they being parents) might be right...but we (we being the Government) can't fix millions and millions of problems in the world...the problem is just so big! So then parents start to fight, now the government know it has to fight back they can't admit it or the government will end up supporting everyone who sues due to this issue, and 1 out of 120 people...that is a large amount of $, so they can't admit this...and they can't stop it. Do you see them doing research on this! No they keep doing research only on the neurological side (which is the damage that is caused from the shot but is not why it happens!) and fully stay away from the shots and how the diet cures them. Why why are they not really looking at you ever wonder why?

You know in my research I see websites over and over say "There is not 'link' between the MMR and autism" Okay get this Our government teaches in the schools that while there is no "link" to the Neanderthal man and humans they teach that these two men are one and the same! And do we believe that? Boy I hope not! Our government also allowed this study in as proof and the researcher said this "This study really supports the view these are safe vaccines," said David Brown, a researcher at Britain's Health Protection Agency who worked on the study. "The evidence is now so solid there really isn't a need for further studies here."

'Isn't a need for further studies here'...doesn't that send chills down your spine!!!!! One study and we should trust it and drop it! Bull $&*^! I want 10 thousand studies from many different independent groups (including a huge panel of mom's with autistic children) to say it's not shots and then I might start listening!

Stand up and fight, if your kid has autism get informed about mothers who have cured...that's right cured their children. People like Jenny McCarthy
, Karyn Seroussi, and many other mothers. Did you know that Karyn's husband is a scientist and he did his own research? Do you have any idea what he found? You would be shocked!~ I know once autism is present some parents can not use the diet to cure their kid. I do understand it is not full proof and once the damage is done there may be no going back...but look into it. My SIL did and now she see's my side in this and she now realizes that what I said 4-5 years ago was true.

Look at the facts above! Look into the research...stop thinking because some doctor went to school for 8 years he knows what is best he is usually just regurgitating what he was told and so on. And who heads all this research up? Look into would be surprised! Get out there and get informed! Then inform!

I use to think people like me were nuts! I use to think our government was the best thing since Jesus, until I read Karyn Serousii's book. I now look at everything with "open eyes" and I research every bit of information given to me. I research the doctor's side, I research the parent's side, and I research the naturalist's side. I never leave a rock unturned, or a place left unanswered!

Learn to trust God, learn to listen to Him and listen when He is screaming at you! When you go to take your child to get his feel it don't you, that pull that says "this is not right" but you ignore it because our culture says we "need" the shots, and maybe it is nice to have those shots but if I come at you (a grown adult) and say hey I have 36 viruses in this needle and I am going to give them to you so you won't get these viruses later in life...wouldn't you run the other way! I would! So why do we give this to a TWO year old!!!!!!! Seriously! If you do feel the need to give your child shots there are spaced out plans you can look into.

I do not apologize for being angery! Every time I see an Autistic child I just start to get mad! Mad at our culture #1 and mad at the lies we let ourselves believe! My SIL daughter has autism I know first hand what happens I also know her story is the same as thousands I have read about. She agree's with me (after talking to mom's who's kids have the same issues) and talking to the medical community. She knows now...when it's too late.

Listen to the Lord, He will guide you in this!

Here is a great link: Go Here To Learn More!


sherri the herd keeper said...

wow, can you send me a your source that vaccines are "washed and strained" with mercury. We delay vaccines till age 2 and then do one at a time but I have never fully been comfortable with this either. I would love more information on this. Look into Rhinebeck Health Clinic in Rhinebeck New York they help people who have autism through traditional and non-traditonal health paths

Latte: said...

Sure, my doctor told me! When we went to give my then 18month old his shots I asked for only the ones without mercury and she informed me that a lot of them are "washed" with mercury. I also did a search on a web browser and found a few websites that confirm it...though they (doctors) say it's a safe amount of trace mercury left in the shots! Sorry but I don't find one of the most dangerous things on our planet safe in any amount!

Oh and from what I can tell most flu shots still have high doses of mercury too.

Food for thought.

sherri the herd keeper said...

wow is all I can say. thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so scientifically ignorant on so many levels I don't even know where to begin with this one. Anecdotal evidence does not equal proof. Frankly, it would take too many hours to educate you on a number of things you mention that I'm not even going to waste my time.

And I certainly hope your children (who, BTW, pose a public health risk to other children and vaccinated adults around them) never come into contact with any of the truly horrible diseases you could have prevented them from getting but didn't, based on misinformation and your inability to apply any critical thinking skills to the matter.

Latte said...

See this is the stuff that kills me! Because how did I ever give Anecdotal evidence? All I said was it would be best if everyone researched their information...

What do you think? Do you research both sides to this coin or trust using your own anecdotal evidence?


Anonymous said...

"...the proof of thousands of mothers who's kids get autism around the time of their child's shots" (your quote) is anecdotal evidence.

Correlation does not imply causation. What you are stating here is correlation. There is no "proof" that this association is the cause of autism. Therefore you are giving anecdotal evidence, not scientific evidence.

Anecdotal is just that - it is meaningless when trying to prove a point and should be meaningless when trying to make a decision based on it.

By the way, there are pediatric doses of all the recommended vaccines that are Thimerosal free, many of which never contained Thimerosal.

And even if your "washing" claim is even remotely accurate, you have a higher chance of getting larger concentrations of mercury from your environment (inhalation from the atmosphere and/or eating seafood, for example) than from any trace amounts found in your alleged washed vaccines.

For all the rocks you've been unturning, you might want to find the one that explains how vaccines actually work.

Latte said...

Listen I have done countless hours worth of research, on both sides, I have talked to those that work in environmental toxins and I understand much of this...please don't tell me I don't. Read the books I listed...THEN we will talk!



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