Monday, July 14, 2008

I am on a mission to lose a little weight before August 26th. I want to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125! I know I like that weight, it's my healthy weight, and my dear husband liked that weight too =) So I am doing what This Lady did and posting my weight and goals each WEEK! I cant wait each week to see how well she did, heck it's just so much fun so then I though 'well how much more fun would it be to see how well I do each week!' Maybe that is an overstatement but I am up for the challenge.

Okay first my goals for this week:
30 minute workout each day - 2 - 15 minute 1 mile jogs
Cabbage soup detox...only I will be adding lattes =(

That is all, other than I want to be more willing to get up and chase my kids around instead of making them come to me.

Okay now my weight...well if you checked out the link above with what my fellow blog lady is doing you saw she posted a picture of her scale, okay okay so my scale is not as cool as hers but here is my pic and weight err....
So my current weight 155 and my goal is 125 so...I have 30 pounds to lose in 6 1/2 weeks! Thats 4.6 pounds that has to be lost each week! I pray that doing the detox the first week or two will help me lose more than that to start off with. Last time I did the detox I lost 12 pounds in 7 days, boy that sure would help.

Week 1: 155

Okay I am actually nervous to hit the add entry button to this post! I hate committing to anything anymore because I usually flake out due to the fact that it's so much weight! In years past it's always been about a 10 pound weight loss but now it's 30! I do pray I get in better shape! I also pray that my experience can help anyone else out there that suffers from being over weight/out of shape. And that it can help bring your body to an acceptable 'temple' weight, and or shape. So will you join me?



Nicky said...

I will pray for your weightloss journey. You might have some luck the first couple of weeks, but if you "stall out" at only 1 or 2 lbs loss each week, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! One or two pounds a week is a very healthy weight loss rate, and really *any* loss should be celebrated and if you lose too quickly, you have a higher chance of gaining it back. I hope somehow this is encouraging...because it was meant to be...ROFL ;o)

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