Monday, October 13, 2008

Schooling,Preparing,Camping and Lagooning?

Okay well I have had an interesting weekend! First though if you want to see how we did with tot school please go here and see.

I will never forget this week! Thursday night my husband informed me of some info we believe the Lord is guiding him to prepare for-Before he told me of this we had some friends who were preparing as well but I was not aware that it was for the same reasons, and I have since talked to other friends who are feeling the same way. We are talking serious stuff people. While part of me is excited to be going on this trip the Lord is calling us to, part of me is -uhh- shakin in my boots. I won't say too much about it, except for us this journey of our lives is now in prepare mode. After hearing the news I was without a doubt completely taken back with nothing going on in my noggin! But because my husband is NEVER wrong....were talking freaky never wrong, I prepare no questions asked! This preparing, it's probably needed for pray and you might want to get prepared.

Well then this weekend we went camping with our 4-H group! It was a blast...and so comical...and a chore! I had no idea going into this what it took to go camping for 1 DAY!!! I am glad we made a list though because many people that came did not have everything they needed. It was a lesson well learned.

When we got there we set up camp, then we chatted and played games for a bit

then it was time for beef camp. The instructor took us around on his 250 acres and showed us the cows and how he took care of them using an electric fence, his swankie water was this cool plastic tub with a ball in it(to prevent freezing) the cows had to push down to get water out of. Then he showed the boys (and girls) how to build a dead man's corner.

It was so nice to be in the country!

After we got back it was time to build a fire and eat. We had good food...our family brought corn

and smores!~

After that we did some Contra dances with the 4-H girls and boys...I loved the dances but I was such a dork! I could not get those moves for nothin!

But you want to know the best part...the absolute most brilliantly funny part is? Well the kids went to play hide and seek after dark. Okay I did have that thought of "I wonder if this is a good idea" but I shook it off because they were all tweens and teens and they probably would be fine...looking back I probably should have thought it out a little more. So getting back to my story, while attempting to clean our hosts kitchen another 4-H mother came in and said this to me...wait first let me set up the scene for you as it makes it oh so much more funny! Okay imaging another mother your camping with walking in and standing in front of you looking down pretending to be picking at the counter but she is actually trying not to laugh "umm Faith your son Stuntman needs you...uhh right now" small pause "He's not hurt or anything but he needs your help" I say "okay whatz up" to that she says "wwweelll he........fell into the lagoon and I mean all the way" then she showed me an imaginary line of...poo all the way up to her chest. And at this point she is holding back a chuckle...I wish you could have been there! We both say a few things about how it went down, we have a good laugh and then we go look for my son as I know he is probably going to be very upset. As I walk out to find him the smell of lagoon engulfs the air and I start thinking man I am just glad he is okay-all the while chuckling at the fact that this is going to be one fun memory to reflect on! It seems my boy saw some friends on the other side of the lagoon and not knowing it was there proceeded to run after them. Then get this after he gets out and realizes he needs to get cleaned up he goes over and tells his dad. "Hey dad I fell into a puddle with cow stuff in it"-a puddle people, and cow stuff...oh my lands "can you get my clothes out of the tent so I can change?" My husband said it only took a few seconds to realize (or smell) what had actually taken place and ran to find me...poor kid! Bahaahahah oh dear it's still so funny! Stuntman was at first really traumatized by it but then he remember another friend's story of falling in and upon remembering that he lightened up and took the jokes with a grain of salt-which everyone there was really nice and did not pick on him too much (but the adults did have a good laugh in private while reflecting over how it all took place). The only down side to this story is that I don't know if we can salvage anything he was wearing=/ and his shoes were pretty new, ugh.

Well isn't that funny! Have a great week all, I have to go prepare...does anyone have any tips for living solely off the land?



JenIG said...

I love all things Homestead and "living-off-the-land" stuff. wish I could have went to that farm with you. And we LOVE contra dancing. there's nothing funner!

Nicky said...

Okay, I have to admit, this seems like a whole different world to me! LOL I lived in rural IL for a chunk of my childhood, but even then, we lived "in town". Since then, I've lived a city life for more than half of my life, so that would explain why your camping story and mine are sooooo different! ROFL Sounds like it was fun, and I'm sorry about your son! I don't know which is worse...cow stuff or skunks!! ROFL

sherri the herd keeper said...

ewwww. I am not so sure I would have been laughing I have a strong gag reflex. I think that would have been a dad thing to take care of.


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