Monday, October 6, 2008

Typos and Laziness!

Is it really lazy of me to not want to fix my typos on my blog? I type it out, spend what seems like hours mulling it over for typos, and then publish it only to see 10 or so typos after I have published it. I usually go back and correct a few from to time but for the most part I just think ahhhhh. I just don't care, I know that too needs two oo's I notice the mistakes I just don't wanna fix them! Such laziness huh?



chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

thanks for your comment. the walk with friends sounds super fun. i used to love to walk. before i started waddling!

Kevin Davis said...

Anybody who really cares is lame anyway. I suck at spelling and typos happen - blog on!

Rambleman said...

I do the same thing, and I use something that checks the spelling (doesn't work though if it's off). I think since it's your blog that you shouldn't worry about it. Blog on!


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