Friday, November 21, 2008

Quote: "Homeschooler's are DEMENTED"

Well everyone while reading a KONOS e-group letter I found this statement on the show 'The View' made by Joy Behar very repulsive. After viewing the video (below) I sent ABC this letter letting them know how I feel, please keep everyone informed about homeschooling and our active roll in America by writing ABC and showing them we are not "Demented"! My Letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

While talking to a homeschool mom I was informed that Joy Behar on The View made a remark about homeschooler's being demented. While I am sure through Joy's extensive research of homeschooler's via the public school showed her we are demented, she may want to do some extensive research with homeschooler's themselves. Maybe you could get Tim Tebow of the FL Gators on the show and ask him how demented homeschooling made him


So what did you think of my letter? Please do tell...


Emily said...

Just let ignorant folks talk. They show how uneducated they really are.

Kelley said...

I hate that show. I had a tirade a few weeks ago about the VIEW. I will be sending a letter.


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