Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An American Tradition

I want to share a little...eye opener with you. I am one of those freaky people who loves to study people, what they say, why they say it how they react when I ask questions about something they do. This got me to thinking...why do most people not question things? When I say "things" I mean things in general! I have asked people so when your doctor told you such and such, what does that mean or what is or why do you have to take that...they come back with "I don't know??" You should see me at the doctor, they don't like me because I don't leave unless I know the ins and outs of what they are saying. You should especially see me when I am talking to a preacher! I had one preacher come to my Grandmothers house and when I was done with him, he looked at me and said "I wish my congregation was like are looking for truth not just listening to what I say and nodding in agreement!"

Do you realize how much you do...that is just because it's tradition? I will give you a real good example: When my oldest boy Stuntman was about 1 or 2 years old a teacher handed me a book called "Good Night moon" She told me this book was a highly acclaimed book and has been since the 40's. Sounds great right? Makes you want to buy it for your baby and read it to him or her every night? I did! But then with my second baby (take into consideration I now I am a little older and not ANY wiser) I looked through that book and thought why? Why is this book so highly acclaimed? It's just a mouse saying good night to everything in it's room and window...why does that make it such a good book? Then it hit me, because someone told me it did!?!?!?!!? Huh? Don't you agree? I have seen highly acclaimed books that move people because of religion, or relationships, this book is none of that. It's just a book. So then I started thinking 'man how many things do I do in a day, just because I was told!!!!!'

Let me start by asking you these questions. Answer it in your head before you read on okay? My questions are to Christians, if someone of a another denomination (such as Catholic) came up to you and said you should celebrate such and such holiday because I say so, would you? Would you question it, it's origins, how it lines up with scripture ect.?

Well then take Christmas for instance...did you know that the Catholic Church started Christmas just to try and replace a pagan holiday? Did you know that the Tree is from that Pagan holiday? Most of you probably have a serious problem with the Catholic Church but see no reason to give up one of it's biggest lies! Why, because your momma celebrated it and her momma and so on. No one question's these things. No one seems to want to! Why? Why do we do what everyone else is doing? Most Christians I know won't celebrate Halloween because it's pagan(unfortunately they replace it with a Christian Trunk or Treat day which the scripture is very clear about this-I think it's in Jeremiah...maybe), but why then do you celebrate Christmas? Look it up, you'll see. What does Scripture say about celebrating Christ's birth? And with his death and resurrection what part of that do you need a bunny, who lays eggs (both have pagan roots I might add) We celebrate his death and resurrection daily! Not once a year...personally

I will give you another big example: Take global warming. Did you know that global warming is a theory-not a fact? The media just pulled the wool right over our eyes with their statements that sound very convincing I might add but when you study it, there statements don't hold water to truth. Did you know that many scientist have proven this global warming theory wrong? Also same goes for the THEORY OF EVOLUTION. It's just a theory(also proven wrong by several scientists! ...yet our schools (and the media) teach it as fact. Did you know that the first person to put evolution into the schools was HITLER???????? Hitler people!

Well I really could go on and on, like about over population (the world could fit into Jacksonville FL) and many religious doctrines churches teach as truth that I will save for a date when I am ready to take a beating!

So tell me what do you think? Is there anything else you could add that is an american tradition that no one questions? Please leave a comment about it-anonymously if you must. If your wanting to live in are not alone!



EEEEMommy said...

I've spent a lot of time thinking and praying about our celebration of Christmas in particular. A close friend of mine quit celebrating Christmas and quit putting up a tree in the last couple of years; so I could not ignore it. In all of my studying, I do not share her conviction, but last year I allowed it to rob me of my joy. Some things have happened over the course of the year that have opened my eyes to see that I should not have allowed that to happen.

The key to me is freedom. We are not under the law but under grace and have freedom. In whatever we eat or drink or do, we should honor and glorify God. That's the question I face with regard to our traditions. Do they honor God?

Putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it is a precious family time of remembering the things God has done in our lives as well as the people he has brought into our lives. As God looks down on us from heaven, is He standing in condmenation because we have a tree trimmed with gold in our home like the pagans? I doubt it. As God examines our hearts, I know He is pleased by the love and joy He sees there...He's the one who puts it there in the first place.

In addition, any time that Christ is proclaimed, it is a good thing. A couple of years ago, I went to a secular Yuletide celebration at the symphony. It was full of Santa and other nonsense, but it ended with Joy to the World and the most beautiful voice proclaiming Christ is the Lord. The truth is proclaimed at Christmastime, even in the midst of all the "pagan" activity. God is honored in that, and I pray that people's hearts will be softened so that they will accept it.

Jesus is the reason for the season, even if he was born in September or in the spring. He is honored when we gather with family and exchange gifts. He is honored by our Advent devotionals. He is honored by charity. He is honored by our heartful worship as we sing carols. He is honored when we spend time together as families loving eachother.

As I examine my heart, I am at peace. What He did is worth celebrating. If the angels in heaven erupted into choruses of Glory to God in the highest when the Son of God became man, then why can't I? I have the freedom in Christ to rejoice and be glad and glorify Him and celebrate His coming on December 25th as I do every other day.

Keep asking's a wonderful characteristic.

Grace and Peace,

Latte said...

See, I understand you...and yet I don't totally agree. I am your sister when it comes to God knows your heart...but how can you when you know something is wrong still do it. It's like saying well I kill people and I know it's bad, but my heart is good, so God will think it's okay...same for Gay marriages. Just because your heart is pure in it does not make what you do right. The bible says “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things,and desperately wicked.Who really knows how bad it is?"

So saying God knows your heart...does not mean you are doing things to honor God. Not according to scripture.

Does that make sense?


Heather said...

everything in science is considered a theory because it is impossible to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt. You can find evidence to support it and be pretty sure it's true, but you can never prove it because there may be some argument you haven't thought of. The theory of gravity is just that, the theory of evolution, the theory of relativity. Pretty much everything you know is a theory. We accept them as law because of the overwhelming evidence in favor of them, but we will never be able to know for sure. That's how science works, so get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth next time.

Jessi said...

Just because you question something does NOT mean that you actually are smarter, more clever, or better than the "system" in place, it just means you have the ability to ask "why" (as a mother of two, I'm sure you have experience at how annoying this question can get!).

I won't repeat what Heather just said, because she hit the proverbial nail on the head. I will reinforce what she did say at the end, however. Check your facts before you go running off at the mouth, it makes you seem very immature, gullible, and quite the fool.

Overly vocal, high-and-mighty, thoughtless opinions like yours are what drive the lost from the Church, from the Gospel, and from Salvation. I will forgive you, and I hope and pray that not only you change your arrogant ways, but you seek forgiveness from the sinless one.


Latte said...

Jessi Said:Check your facts before you go running off at the mouth, it makes you seem very immature, gullible, and quite the fool.

I guess you don't know me then. Yes sometimes I think outloud...and yes it makes me blush...but...I don't mind being wrong or a fool. I don't mind working out my problems and having some help me get through them!

Oh and if your speaking of my comments on Crunchy Chicken than you have no business talking about this because nothing I said makes me a fool!


Anonymous said...

everything you said on crunchy chicken makes you a obviously have no background in science...just fantasy

Latte said...

So, your bent on thinking I am some crazy person...what about what I said makes me a fool? That I think global warming is farce or that evolution is a joke?


Neo@ said...

I read you at Churchy, who is not my heroe, and then get into your blog. I would like to say that lots of us, dont belive that GW is the right therm, but Climate Change might be, and a fact is that is happening, and there are a lot of theories of why is it happening, and most of all point at the human, so while the theory haven't been clearly substituted by a new one clearly accepted, there's no point on reject it, besides in who would you trust?. The world is full of theories and lacs of facts. Can you tell me a fact that you belive?


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