Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four day weekends should be mandatory!

My husband thought it would be nice to take a day off this weekend to give us a four day weekend of fun family time. I am ever so thankful for it! We had a blast.

On Thursday we all went fishing at Pomme De Tarre Lake. It was too windy to catch anything really but we so enjoyed the relaxed family time.

-did I mention I have a 12 year old that eats like MORE than his dad does. It was like they we in an eating contest at lunch! I think they had 5 hot dogs each, plus chips, plus fruit!

-A nice moment came up to teach my youngest about patients while fishing it was a great time to speak to him about how the Lord desires patients. Ty is a good kid, he kept looking at me, "has that been long enough?"...lol it was funny he had no patients to be patient.

Then Friday I went to the SHEM homeschool conference in Springfield MO. I absolutely LOVE going to the conferences! I hung out with a close girlfriend of mine and we had a blast being our goofy selves...and spent loads too much on yummy homeschool books and stuff!

-I got Devin (and all 10 future children) These Great CD's on American History...I so wish I had these CD's growing up, I would have easily been a history buff!

-I also got him Math-U-See. I am just bored with Saxon and because of it's public school tendencies I just wanted it out of my house.

Saturday was a day to go to some 'tag sales' (that is Martha Stewart for 'yard sales') and get us some booty to help prepare for 'change' (That is obama for 'change'). If things get bad enough and people get homeless we want enough provisions for them to stay with us, if God so desires.

-I got a fabulous Cuisinart ice cream machine that I have been wanting for like EVER!

Then on Sunday it was Ty's Birthday. It was such a wonderful day! Ty got all he asked for (thanks to great yard sale deals!) He was so happy to get these items. Now I will help him pick out just as many items (if not many more) to donate to those in need, he loves giving to the kids 'who don't have any toys' as he likes to say.

Then on Monday I sat my fat butt in my office chair and did nothing like ALL DAY-except facebook!!~ A four day weekend is fun but tiring!



Latte Lady said...

Sounds like you had some F U N!

Hey, what did you mean by this?
"If things get bad enough and people get homeless we want enough provisions for them to stay with us, if God so desires."

Latte said...

Well God pressed upon our family to get ready (prepare) for things to get real bad. When that happens we figure a lot of people will be without a home and we will let them stay with us. We own our own home (paid for) and have no real big dept. The house is almost ready to go without electricity, if things get super bad. The only issue we have is a toilet, and running water. But we are working on those ideas.

At the yard sales I got stuff like blankets, pillows, glass jars (to store food in), shoes, and clothes, extra jackets. Things we need an abundance of. We even got a peach tree (we want lots of fruit trees/vines in our yard), I have a giant garden this year that 4-H is working on with us.

We want to be ready.

Latte Lady said...

Ok, I just wanted to be sure before I open my mouth! We have begun to store beans and rice. At the moment, we live with my in laws because the finances just aren't there yet at the church to pay my husband full time.

If we had our own home, I would be doing more to prepare. I think that is great that you would open your home to others. Do you have anyone in particular in mind?

As far as a toilet goes, you could always get one of those bedside portables and bury the (stuff) outside like the Jews used to do! That helped keep them healthier.

What other ideas do you have? Maybe there are things that I could do that wouldn't cost a whole lot.



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