Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'places to see' -Always YOU!

A few weeks ago my BFF sent me a questioner and one of the questions was 5 places you would like to visit. My dear girlfriend put on there some great vacation spots, but when I erased them to add mine (cuz you have to fill it out and send it back and then to others) I could not think of ONE place I would rather be other than with friends and family.

It's not that I don't want to see this amazing world God made, it's just that to me, I need vacation to 'be' friends and family. Because after those vacations are long gone all I can remember are the great times I had with family. I don't remember a sunset, I don't remember a bright blue ocean;

I remember my mom and I laughing and having a good time with me, making brownies.

I remember my dad and our family laughing at the dinner table while eating my mom's yummy dinner!

I remember meeting my sister for the first time at age 31.

I remember standing in line at an amusement park talking to my BFF, or I remember laying on the beach watching our boys play and my friend and I just talking about good old times.

I remember the wonderful times with my grandparents Doris...who sat with me one day and told me so many wonderful stories about our families history.

I remember my Grandmother Ray, my cousin Kitzi, my mom, and my new to me sister Karrie all sitting at the table looking at old photos, some of us even crying. Oh and my grandma was a hottie! And my dad looked great in a dress!

For me, God put my vacation spot, right in the heart of another human. I just find it hard to see any 'physical place' as a vacation. Though it would surly be a bonus if I have a friend or family member at that vacation spot~


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Gayle said...

Hmmmm. Just a wild guess but I'm thinking your love language is quality time. ;)


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