Thursday, August 13, 2009

homeschool book deals & organization mess

First HOMESCHOOL DEALS: (below that if you chose to skip is my organization mess)

Okay a week or so ago I went to a used homeschool book fair to get me some good deals on some homeschool books. For the FIRST time in the 6 or so years that I have been going there I went there with a cut and dry list of what I wanted. I did not walk out with all that I wanted, but I walked out very happy, and $90.00 dollars poorer!

Right up front let me start by saying that I am on a mission. You see I have found certain curriculum's, that to me, works for every type of child. They can be relaxed, or rigid, depending on what learning style they have. And so I have started buying every grade, to own the whole collection 3rd-12th grade. I have about 13 more subjects left and I am done! Oh and I love LOVE books made by the homeschooler for the list shows it.

The books I use are:
Apologia science (need 2 more for high school, 4 for elementary)
Math-U-See (need 5 more)
The Mystery Of History (1-4) (need 2 more)
All American History (done)
Spelling Power (done)

At the used sale I was able to get 3 apologia science years for a little over $20 each and a Math-U-See for $10 (still needs student workbook) and a Latin curriculum for $10. I also got a KONOS high school Medieval World set for FREE! Its a massive set with all kinds of stuff, she just gave it to me because someone gave it to her! New it would cost $60.00! It covers one History, Writing, and Art credit for high school each! is that not cool or what! And because my kids seem to love hands on projects, this will be up their alley!

organization mess: (homeschool that is)

Before you read below, what I am writing may sound like lots of extra work, it is not in my eyes. I love working on my kids school and so I enjoy the 'extra work'. Also please do not think that the extra work I am providing for my children below is something they must do during *that* subject time. My children get 1 hour a day of book reading or a school DVD to do each day (weekends included-don't worry my kids love it) and this *extra* fun work can be done then.

I have been working on organizing my life little by little. You would not know it by my house as of yet, but I am. The other day at a friends home I was thumbing through her new version of the Mystery Of History book and was baffled that she had large post-it notes in each chapter with stuff I could not make out on it. When I questioned her she told me she finds books that she owns to correlate with that time frame and has her children read them. (insert open mouth shock) Of course this curriculum already lists a large number of read along books to do during private time, but she had her own collection and used hers instead. That is not the shocking part, the shocking part is by just taking a couple of hours to leave notes for her children, she now knows they will be reading those books at that time. LOVE IT! So instead of them just reading any old book during reading time, they read a books that go along with what they are studying at that time! Might sound boring to you, but it's actually really fun, I have seen my own children after reading or hearing about one subject, go to the library and get more on it.

I tried to do roughly the same concept as my friend last year with my Mystery of History book but failed at it because I was trying to do it as we went along and was frustrated that the library either did not have the book we wanted or by the time I was able to pick it up we were about done with the chapter. So early on I gave up. But now I realize that if I just start a few weeks before school begins and write in each chapter what I need, then 2 chapters before time I can easily look it up and get the books or DVD's. A little planning ahead makes light work later on.

I am also doing this for science, language arts and maybe Latin too if need be. It has been fun to get onto the libraries website and look up cool books and DVD's to go along with what Devin will be learning in science. I practically want to do school with him!

It will probably take me from now until September 1 (when we normally start school) to finish doing this, but I am so excited to start! Let the homeschool games begin!

So what do you think?


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