Monday, July 21, 2008

Weight loss Challenge week 1

Okay so last week I did the diet for 5 days and then I got fed up. Not at the diet but I lost 5 pounds on day 2 and then on the morning of day 6 I still had only lost the 5 pounds. I thought what the @@#$@!!! So I said no more. I also COULD not work out because the detox made me way to light headed! I am anemic and if I don't get my protein I go kuku!!!

This week my challenge is:
*Drink lots of water at least 8 glasses a day!
*Jog 2 miles every day - 2 - 15 minute tread mill jogs
*Go for bike rides and walks w/the family
*Eat smaller meals!
*Try...try to cut back to one Latte a day or maybe two small ones
*No sugar or carbs (man made carbs like breads and pastas) other than the one latte

Okay my weight goal is 125 last week I my weight was:


and this week.................drum roll..............................

151!! So I lost 4 pounds!!! I actually gained 1 pound back after going off my diet..But I am glad for a four pound weight loss in one week...lets see if I can keep going!

To recap:

Start: 155
week 1: 151

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement! It means a lot. I also pray this helps you! Now I am off to clean that playroom!!! That will be a work out!!!


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