Monday, July 28, 2008

Weight Loss Week 2

Okay let me tell you...I was bad this week. I only did my work out 2 times!!!! I did not avoid sugar like I should have!!! I also did not drink enough water, though I did do well to add more water to my diet! Well I need to do a lot better this week!!! It is getting so close to my goal date of August 26th!!! Just so ya know I made a pack with myself before I turned 30 that I would lose this baby weight so I have until the 26th to make that deadline. So today I am starting my fast again. Only fruits and veggies most of the week with the protein at the end....I will probably add some small amounts of protein each day to curb the light headedness. I think fasting is so good for your body...I think God knew that, or better yet he made it that way on purpose! Well anywho!

My Goal weight : 125
My Start weight : 155
My 1st wk weight: 151

And this drum roll please

My 2nd wk weight: 151.5

Okay so to recap I need to lose 26 more pounds in 4 1/2 weeks! That is about 6 pounds a week...boy oh boy it is sure going to be hard to reach my goal now...okay okay out with the latte's at least until the 27th! I want one on my birthday!!!!! So lets pray shall we cuz I'm super addicted to them!!!

My challenge this week:

No latte's (after I finish this one)
Water Water Water
Workout every day 2 miles in 30 minutes-broke into mini workouts
Cabbage Fast again with extra protein!
Do more stuff with the family that gets me movin!

I just need to remember this diet thing is only for a few short weeks and then I can go ahead and learn to eat normal healthy meals with super small treats.


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