Monday, September 29, 2008

Golf, beds, and tot heads, but not in that order=)

Okay I know it seems crazy to have two posts in one day but I have a lot I want to get out today so the rest of my week can be dedicatied to otherly important things=)

First for our awesome adventures in tot school click on this link and see all the cool things I did with our 3 year old last week.

Second my very cute, very neat hubby made this nifty neat bed from scratch. No kit, no online bed making plans. He just looked at my son's bed and tried to duplicate it, isn't it brilliant!

And drum roll please, here are us Cannon's playing golf: all most all pictures are courtesy of our 3 year old as we all suck so bad that we did not have time to stop and take them ourselves or we would have been there all day instead of the absurd 5 hours it normally takes us;-) Speed golf, gotta love it! okay well here are pictures of us on our 3rd trip to play golf at the local golf course. Oh did I mention we suck, well more like I do! My big boy does pretty well for 11 and not played much golf, and my husband, while he is not nor will he ever be Tiger he's fairly good. If I were him I would not bring me...but he seems to like to bring us. He even got us all clubs! Well I don't keep score for me because it's hard to keep track after 9 strokes! But in 18 holes Stuntman got a 63 and the big cheese got a 47. Not bad for just having cancer-and the surgery and chemo that went with it less than 6 months ago plus gallbladder surgery a few weeks ago aye?

picture altered to protect the innocent fat

Stuntman taking a practice swing

my hubby always looking for someones lost balls, roflol!

me trying to show little thunder how to use the camera

Me actually hitting the ground with the club in anger!

Hubby taking a practice swing

Me really not liking how crappy I played, don't worry I got in a better mood after this! Hubby was good with tips=)

trying to swing at a little ball and make it go 300 yards in 3 strokes are less...(snort) yeah right! I do love hanging out with my family and I pray I get better because when that ball does go flying, it makes me realize why guys love it so. I just think this sport is hard! You have to think about where your feet are, your arms, the club, the ball and then make those all come together to shoot a little ball with a little club across a giant field! I am not that talented folks!



JenIG said...

that bed is *darling*

what a taleted guy!

Emily said...

what a fun family day out golfing. That sounds great to me.
(although I think I'd be pretty bad)

and GREAT bed. He should sell them at a Farmers Market or something.

Rambleman said...

That IS a nice bed. And good pictures by your 3 year old, and the others weren't bad either. Looks like a fun day!

Latte said...

Oh I know isn't my husband good. He makes so much stuff around here!


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

love that bed! what a cute blog.


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