Monday, September 29, 2008

Life with Cancer part 3...Treatment

Heads up to those who read this and don't know us personally our walk through cancer is in the very recent past. My husband is now in remission I just write this to share with friends, family and anyone who feels they may grow closer to the Lord from this. I will not be going into the gruesome details, so rest assured it will be a clean reading.

okay this part of my husband's cancer is hard! I will not give all the details. I will just give an outline of what happened.

We went to a chemo class to learn about what kind of treatment my husband would get. He was told he would be getting 3 different meds and that the major side affects of all were hair loss. The other major side affect was sickness but the nurse said that it was not usually as hard on men. So we felt pretty good about that. His treatments were spread out over 4 months. They went something like this: he had 21 day treatments day 1-5 he got treatments every day, then he also got a treatment on day 9 and then again on 16 he got a break until day 21 then it started over 3 more times .

I went with him on his first treatment and while we both wished I could be there with him every day (they did not allow kids or a second person) we knew the kids could not be without us both that much. So we decided the best plan would be for the kids and I to drive him to his treatments, stay with a friend and do school with the kids and then when he was done go home. This friend was the wife of his work friend, and they were so cool to help us out! She had the most warm, home you could imagine! She was so sweet, and kind to allow us to stay there! This is her blog she is very inspirational! I pray we get to spend more time with them in the future!

Okay the treatment pretty much put my husband out of commission! That is pretty much all that needs to be said. He could barely work-and pretty much didn't-he was so blessed by a super nice boss! All of my husband's work friends were just the bomb!! All he could do was sleep on the couch. I never felt so bad for him in my life! It was hard to see such a tough man so crushed. Nuff said!

He did lose his hair around the second week. We decided that because we had a 3 year old the best thing to do was let him see daddy shaving his head so it would not shock him...that did not go as well as I had thought it would. While it was probably a good thing he saw daddy shave his head, he was still totally freaked about it and did not really want anything to do with his daddy for about 3 days. finally he warmed up and eventually did not mind at all. He knew daddy was sick and he knew his hair would grow back. He actually did well while his daddy was sick and pretty much left him alone on the couch. I think he took it really well.

For me his treatments to rid his body of cancer was my time to try and rid my self of many issues I had. And while I have not accomplished that to date, I am ever grateful to have had the time to reflect on many things and draw closer to the Lord instead of resenting Him for this tragedy. Before my husband's cancer I really felt I had lost touch with God. I let my sin's divide me from Him instead of leaning on him more! It is hard to turn to someone when your ashamed of your sins!

It was also a time for us to listen to the Lord and see what he wanted us to gain from this. For me it was #1 to lean on Him more and #2 to learn to not only be an example to my children at home but to get out more and fellowship with others so they can see the Lord in our family. It is SOOOO easy to hide in your home and do nothing with your life! You can say oh well I mentor my children and that is a great thing, but in that mentorship teaching the kids to feed and shelter children, to help the widowed etc. can not only be taught but should be seen being done by you. I felt that and so I am breaking out of my shell more. It is a slow process for me but I am making the changes. My husband said that he thinks the Lord was showing him that he should not be working so much. And even though it is nice to get the house paid off early it was not an important thing. I will cover more of that in part 4 along with how it has helped my children grow in the Lord.

Well that is about all I have to say about his treatment. My husband is my hero for going though such an ordeal!

Next is part 4 rehabilitation and life after favorite part of the story. I am actually looking forward to telling this part because cancer, and chemo have changed my husband! It has changed us all and I will go though each of us and tell of the changes. This ordeal has a light at the end of the tunnel and it never looked so sweet. Our Lord is the most awesomeist ever. I can not wait to be with Him...hence the 'missing you' logo at the top of my blog. While I love my life and I want to live a full one, I can only imagine!

I pray this has brought you closer to the Lord.


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Good to hear you're all getting through it with a positive attitude. *HUGS*



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