Monday, September 22, 2008

Tot school and big boy school

Okay first tot school:

Tot School

This is a great adventure to have with your tot and if you click on the elephant's above you can join us on that adventure. My blog on tot school is Wee-school Pre-school it is so much fun! Did I already say that?

Okay now homeschooling with my big boy. First step by step break down of his school and then how he did in Archery at the STATE competition! Super cool!

Okay here is the break down of our school:

Bible time: we will be starting that this week!

Reading: Everyday we have been reading this book called Boys of Grit! By far it is the coolest boy's book you will ever read. It's about real life boys that grow up in poor or bad circumstances that really prevail into a neat life. Some are people like them man who invented the submarine, the Morse code, became famous singers, bible scholars, entomologist, etc. They have 3 of them and right now and I own two. I was getting them from the library but I really thought my son needed them so we could read them over and over, and we do. If you have boys get these books! The publishers have many great books for boys and girls! We will be starting a new lamplighter book this week!

Spelling: Stuntman is flying through spelling. I don't know if I told everyone or not but he is reading at maybe a 3-5 grade level but spelling at a 1st grade level while in the 7th grade. So all of his words are 1st grade words. I do plan on adding higher grade level words but I am so happy with how well he is flying through 1st grade and enjoying it at this website that I have left well enough alone.

History: So far he has learned about Creation, Adam and Eve, Jubal and Tubal-Cain, and Noah and the Flood plus he did all of his activities. I love how this book teaches about bible history right alone side of the rest of world history. I took pictures then accidentally deleted them so I will have to get more of those next week. We finally started our time line but we left part of it at his grandparents so when I get that I will also get pictures. He is ahead in this subject, always makes a mama happy to be ahead!

Science: We are doing Apologia and this is the first curriculum I have gotten without really looking at it and mulling it over in my head for months. It is so cool!!! It first covered the history of science then my son got to do his first experiment, with water, oil, corn syrup, a cork, grape and a rock. Betcha can't figure out what he did, yep density. Then I think it's followed by a test...not sure yet. I love scripturally based school work! I really like that we got the CD, it's the teacher. Which I don't usually like anyone else to be the teacher but sometimes it's nice for me to have a break!

Math: Same old same old Stuntman is good at math and it seems easy for him. I am going to have my husband check his work but so far it should be right because it's a repeat from last year. I think with future kids I am going to use Math-U-See, I just don't care for Saxon!

KONOS: This class is really fun for us! We get to build stuff, or look stuff up, or write stuff, or listen to stuff. The first week we worked on sound, he built an ear, learned the parts of the ear, and did experiments with sounds. He continuted this last week as well. The scriptures given talk about listening, the experiments pertain to listening, etc. Today we got a timer -ya know the one that goes tick tick and hid it so that we had to really listen to find it. It's just super easy. I don't follow any big schedule on this I just give him the lessons I have the supplies to and he does them...nice and simple! This book is a keeper! Great for scripture learning!

Private bible time and writing to the Lord: we will start that this week as well.

Okay this year in 4-H Stuntman will be doing so much, he has archery, wildlife, beef, photography, gardening, geospatial, entomology, rabbits, just to name a few. We really enjoy archery. I plan on taking a class to get certified for an extreme survival class and taking the kids into the middle of nowhere and trying to find our way back! So cool!

Okay the best part how well Stuntman did at State! We had to drive to Columbia Mo about 3 hours away. Wow long trip! We had to be there a 9:30 well actually an hour early. So here are the pictures

Us waiting for our glad they made us come early!Finally Stuntman's turn!~
Can you see that, I got a pic of the arrow in the don't know how long I have been trying to do that! Very cool pic huh? Oh and if you can't see the arrow it's the orange thing in the tree line.Okay so how he did. First let me explain the scoring. Stuntman gets to shoot 5 arrows each round. And each round he can get up to 25 points. The x in the middle is a tie breaker. He gets 12 rounds plus 2 practices, for a total of 300 points. His score was........drum roll please 224!!!!!!!!!!! He was hoping to get over 200 so he was very please with 224! At a regional competition (his first competition) his score was 187 and we all thought that was pretty darn cool for his first year at archery. Then at State in his first year of archery he gets a 224! We Could not be prouder of him! Sad part is he is a natural. So if he really tried he could easily get a 300!!!! Boy you should see some of those kids out there. The arrows are all dead center; even some girls were pretty cool. It was fun for us to all watch them! Here is Stuntman with his best happened to be his last round. He got a 24! I don't know if you can see it but all are in the center but one and it was just a little to the right. He plans on going Deer hunting this week and I don't think he should have too much trouble getting a deer with a bow instead of a gun!

I pray this was enjoyable to read even though it was long. Don't forget to go over and see all that Little Thunder did this week.



Charley & Jessica said...

WOW that is AWESOME. What a talented young man! Thanks for sharing! What a great post! :)

love jess

Latte: said...

Yeah I know, he's super cool!


Emily said...

My son and husband went bow hunting elk this past few weeks...didn't get to bag anything. :(

BUT...deer season is coming up for us in Washington. (using a rifle for that though...)

Archery is hard! Do all the kids shoot w/ the same lbs? Some kids can't even pull back 45lbs., which is what my son hunts with.

oh, here I am rambling. It's just so nice to meet another mom who doesn't freak about her son using a weapon. that's fun for me!

Latte: said...

yeah my gut screams don't let him near a gun, knife, bow, etc. Yet I know that it's my flesh that wants that and I know it's wrong. So we use strong caution and great intuition and my boy gets us a deer (or what resembles a large dog) year after year. He went hunting last night first time with a bow and came back with nothing but I am sure he will get one by the end of the year. I think that he likes the fact that he knows hunting with a bow is more sporty to him than a gun.

The kids do not all use the same poundage. I have seen some use 70lbs! My son uses 40 and it's a struggle. The contest (MO state) he was in he competed with the junior league-kids age 11-13. They shot from 15 yards away, senior shoot from 20.

JavaMama said...

That is so cool!! and awesome job mom catching that arrow in the air!! :0)

Thanks for your advice and encouragement that you left on my blog... I needed to hear it. We are dealing with idleness everywhere but you reminded me of the fact that he is a boy, not that that is an excuse for him or me to allow idleness or even just for him to remain stagnent in his narrations and thoughts but it is an incentive to strive harder to help him find his way in making his thoughts and words meet.

JOYfully in Him,


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