Saturday, January 17, 2009

Menu Plan Day

Organic Gal!

My version of the grocery cart challenge!
Trying to live organically and naturally on $70.00 a week!

Well I was suppose to do this on Thursday...but I got lazy! NOT GOOD! We ended up eating out, which I don't know how to avoid on days we go to Springfield because it's 40 miles from the house and we already made breakfast and lunch to take, dinner would not last 10 hours! Oh well ya's do what ya's can do huh?

Please keep in mind I get all my recipes from America's Test Kitchen cookbooks so the ones below with links while they are close to my recipes that are not ATK!

Okay my meals for the week:

Strawberry muffins
Organic Cereal
Organic Poptarts
Eggs and bacon

*Tuscan Bread Soup x's 2 but makes one meal
*Potato & Onion Pizza x's 2 but makes one meal
*Grilled Chicken x's 2 makes 2 meals
-creamy mashed potatoes x's 2
-green bean parmesan x's 2
*Pulled Pork x's 2 makes 2 meals
-honey glazed carrots

organic popcorn
homemade pita chips
cottage cheese
strawberry muffins

Homemade ingredients needed for:
BBQ Sauce
Bread sliced sandwich bread
Caesar dressing

Come back tomorrow to see what I purchased and how much it cost me! Don't forget I will be adding my eating out from Friday!

Don't forget to check out the Grocery Cart Challenge for other great tips and recipes

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