Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The milestones of a 3 year old

I don't rightly remember much about my oldest (now 12 ) when he was three...there are few things, but most is lost to me. I am sort of sad by this because I can't pass those memoir's on, so I thought I would use this blog to keep those milestones (because I plan to print all this...some day).

These are my 3 year old's milestones...not your 3 year old milestones, please do not expect them to be what your son's or daughters should be. And if my child is behind your child...I am okay with that. I just wanted a memoir of these times.

Ty turned 4 this weekend and here are some things he did while 3.

He learned to say his abc's (he actually knew them at 2 just sometimes had them out of order)

He knows the sounds to most of the abc's-again at age 2

Most colors-at age 2

Most shapes-at age 2

He can:
count to 14 (and sort of does to 20...on good days, lol)
add up to 10 (just so long as he can use his hands like 6 + 1)
subtract up to 10

He can spell:
box (when prompted)

If you give him the sounds of the letters of a word he can usually spell them.

He can sign (American sign language) :
train (railroad)
The letter 'y'

He knows what a blank is:
Tornado (and it's siren)
swine flu (I will never make that mistake again)
bad guys

He knows that we:
Love and listen to God
Don't do the Easter bunny and egg part of Easter
Don't do Santa

Is starting to grasp time and is starting to read a hand clock

Loves to tell stories to his dad

He wants to be a pilot when he grows up and fly around telling everyone about God.

He only likes to pray in his head

He can usually dress himself

He can make his own bed, pick out his own clothes, and clean his room before I get up!

He loves to sing 'you love me' and

He loves bubble gum and does not swallow it

He loves chicken nuggets fries and ketchup when we eat matter where we eat out, lol

He takes a nap everyday around 2pm!-this is mandatory or he goes ADHD on me!

Ty never ever would need Super Nanny to visit him, I remember joking one time that she was coming here and he gave me this scared look of what did I do, I am not a bad kid.

Devin and Ty fight way too much that is my fault for not training their hearts more.

Ty play's on the furniture all the time...something as dumb new parents we would never let Devin do.

Ty loves his Grandma "cuz she gives me food...and not God's food, the good kind of food"

He so could be in theater cuz he is very theatrical!

He is shy for about one minute and if you ask him 1 THING that is it he won't stop talking, your his new friend!

I am not done...will finish later!

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