Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deals At Michaels

Okay well Michaels ( is having dollar days this week. Sorry to tell you so late in the week but I usually do my shopping on Friday's so I was just getting around to looking at the ad. They have lots of stuff dirt cheap needed for school supplies or craft projects. They have stuff like:

15 foam paint brushes for $1
4 ribbon spools for $1
modeling clay for $1
Acrylic paint 2/$1
Crayola Art Supplies 3/$10

This is just a super small sample of what they have for sale in my area, go check it out!



Kevin Davis said...

I'm good on the Micheals sale - not my thing. But I like the slide show.

Latte: said...

maybe not your thang ;0) but it would be cool for the kids! Get them out of the house for the wifie take them to the store and load up with loads of craft crap for only $1.00's a item.


Anonymous said...

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